Coupon Generator

Boost sales and attract new customers with built-in discounts and coupons you can customize. Use coupons to:

  • Personalize product promotion
  • Say thank you to your regulars
  • Drive orders of new menu items

Grow your revenue with coupons

A coupon is a marketing tool that can be redeemed for a financial discount. MenuDrive merchants can create personalized coupons directly from the ACP (Admin Control Panel). There are numerous options such as how and when to use them and how long to keep them running. Coupons are a customer favorite and a great way to improve repeat business. Try giving them to first-time customers and you’ll see how many come back for more!

Create goal-based coupons that drive your business objectives

New Customers

Send a personalized coupon after a customer’s first order based on what they bought.

Newsletter Sign up

Increase your newsletter community by offering a special discount on their next purchase in exchange for email sign-ups.

Special Occasions

Send personalized coupons to your customers on their anniversaries. Automation lets you keep in on autopilot

Birthday Discounts

Foster relationships with your customers by automatically offering a discount on their birthday.



Tried newspaper coupons, mailers, and receipt offers. Discovered that guests often throw their receipts away, mailers get recycled, and newspaper readership was down.


Within a few weeks, one coupon offer alone had a return on investment (ROI) of 264% and $11K in profit.



Offers Redeemed


Transaction Value





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