Restaurant Marketing Planning Calendar

Use the restaurant marketing planning calendar to schedule and assign your restaurant marketing tasks.

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Why You Need a Restaurant Marketing Planning Calendar

Any successful marketing campaign requires proper planning. Whether you are opening a new restaurant or promoting an existing one, a restaurant marketing planning calendar will help you plan your marketing efforts smartly. 

To ensure that you cover every detail, you should establish a clear way to implement and manage your promotional efforts. Apart from the marketing strategies you will use, you also need to have a team and clear marketing budget in place. Planning involves making sure that every aspect of your restaurant’s marketing is going as smoothly and effectively as possible. 

A marketing calendar for your restaurant provides you with a path to follow in your marketing tactics and tasks. A calendar enables everyone involved to understand their roles in executing your marketing strategies. Our free restaurant marketing calendar provides a template for actions to take throughout the year. 

The calendar allows you to:

  • Record the year’s marketing plan on a single worksheet with a 12-month planning schedule.
  • Adjust your planning to a monthly view of your promotions. 
  • Assign tasks to personnel depending on promotional goals. 
  • Add due dates to every task, for gradual progress in the marketing plan.
  • Compare your budget with actual marketing expenses.

Whether your restaurant is new or has existed for a while, a marketing planning calendar will provide you with a strong plan for all your strategies. You will know what to do and when to do it over the course of your marketing year.

With this exclusive Restaurant Marketing Planning Calendar, you can:

  • Map out your marketing activities
  • Identify promotional tasks for your restaurant
  • Establish deadlines and approaches
  • Plan ahead for your marketing year
  • Assign promotional tasks to relevant staff
  • Improve future market plans for your restaurant

Download Your Restaurant Marketing Planning Calendar

Restaurant Marketing Planning Calendar

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