Loyalty Program

Retain existing customers, attract new customers, reduce turnover, and drive profits with the MenuDrive Loyalty program. Loyalty programs increase profits by:

  • Encouraging customers to return for more rewards
  • Increasing new traffic as participants spread the word
  • Building a database of brand ambassadors to use for reviews and referrals.

Increase profits with our well-designed loyalty program

A loyalty program is used to reward repeat customers and incentivize them to increase order frequency thereby increasing your profitability. MenuDrive offers a loyalty reward program where merchants can choose different types of rewards based on their unique customer base. You can try different rewards and see where you get the best response from your customers.


Marketing can make a huge difference for a restaurant but many don’t bother to do much. MenuDrive offers more marketing features than any other platform in the market and can help you realize the benefits, just like Alec House at House of Thai did! Read the case study to learn how you can see numbers like this.


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