We’re committed to helping restaurants thrive. Yours included.

Driven By Your Success

There’s a reason “drive” is in our name, and it’s not just because we offer delivery services. At MenuDrive, we’re driven by one simple goal: to help restaurants succeed.

Back when we were founded in 2009, we anticipated that online ordering would be a big part of future restaurant sales. But we didn’t know how big. Fast forward over a decade, and the proof is in the pudding (which you ordered online from your favorite pudding store).

From a small Pennsylvania-based team to a multinational ordering & delivery platform, we’ve grown. A lot. Our biggest jump in growth came about when Lavu Inc. acquired MenuDrive in 2019, adding MenuDrive’s platform to its suite of restaurant management software and services. With that, we became part of a team that helps thousands of restaurants in 90+ countries.

We’re honored to help our restaurant customers do more of what they love. It feels good to succeed, because our success means yours.

Meet the Team

MenuDrive is a global team with offices in Miami FL, Albuquerque NM, and Hyderabad, India. Ask us anything!

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