Our revenue-driving features set us apart from the rest.


Store Management

Total control of your restaurant, wherever you are.

Simple Control Panel

Use the MenuDrive Control Panel to make real-time changes to your
store hours, order types, and much more — for one location or one
hundred. Log in from anywhere with internet.

Menu Builder

Quickly add and group menu items, with upselling opportunities to increase ticket sizes.
Menu item options include high-resolution photos, descriptions,
and minimum and maximum quantities per order.

Branding & Style

In a crowded digital world, set your restaurant apart.

Your Brand, Your Way

Third-party delivery apps don’t let you brand your online store your
way. MenuDrive does. Add your logo, color scheme, and images to
remind your customers what makes your restaurant unique — and

Unified Branding for Desktop & Mobile

Online consumers often browse on their phones before placing
orders through desktop. Add visual appeal to your mobile-friendly
site with MenuDrive’s mobile design settings.

Orders & Payments

Flexible orders, fast payments.

Multiple Order Types

Delivery, pickup, curbside, or takeout? It’s your call. How you sell is
up to you. Customers can order through mobile or desktop,
and you can choose to receive orders by text, email, or an online dashboard.

Custom Delivery Zones & Hours

Use MenuDrive’s geo-fencing feature to set delivery zones, and
customize zones for different delivery fees and order minimums.
You can even set tiered delivery charges based on order subtotals.

Marketing & Promotions

Strong word of mouth, digital-style.

Email Marketing

Online shouldn’t mean impersonal. MenuDrive’s email marketing
services and customer accounts let you reach out to customers to
highlight menu items and deals, or just to say hello.

Customer Segmentation

Wish customers a happy birthday, offer them a special discount
for their anniversary, or touch base if you haven’t heard from
them in a while. MenuDrive’s targeted marketing gives your outreach
that rewarding personal touch.

Automation Tools

While you’re running your restaurant, our marketing automation
tools are running on their own. We know you’re busy, and you have
too many tasks on your plate. Let us handle this one for you.

Broadcaster Popup

News to share? Specials to promote? Use the MenuDrive Broadcaster
popup to spread the word in your online store. You can also
use the Broadcaster for announcements regarding wait times and store hours.

Coupons & Loyalty

Find new customers, and turn them into regulars.

Coupon Library

Give customers what they want: great food and great reasons to
order it. MenuDrive has a built-in coupon library with any type of
discount your customers could want. Options include dollar and
percentage discounts, and public and customer-specific coupons.

Customized Rewards

Launch a loyalty program to fit your unique business. Reward customers
for their repeat patronage by offering points based on
money spent or orders placed, with optional branded points
(like “Sal’s Pizza Points”).

Business Analytics

Restaurant success starts with actionable insights.


Check MenuDrive reports to see what’s selling, who’s buying it, and
what you can do to generate even more sales. Reports include
items volume, sales volume, coupons, and sales by customer.

Customer Data

Customer data is possibly the single most important resource
a restaurant can have. It tells you who customers are and what they
want, so you can shape a successful future. Gather insights from
MenuDrive’s customer accounts and analytics.


Partnering with the restaurant industry’s best.


Make it easy for your customers to place an order. MenuDrive
integrates with DoorDash for flat-fee, commission-free ordering.
Your customers can order directly through their existing DoorDash