Email Marketing

Connect with or re-engage customers in a personalized way and increase sales by promoting new menu offerings, daily specials, and discounts. Use email marketing to:

  • Business relationships with customers
  • Create cost-effective campaigns
  • Generate traffic to your site

Automate your email marketing

MenuDrive encourages all merchants to use email marketing as a way to promote their online ordering business. Emails play an important role in marketing and can educate your customers, build a relationship with them, and keep them engaged between purchases. Use data to inform who you send emails to and when. A metric such as last order date can be a great way to know who needs to receive a re-engagement campaign.

Send personalized emails to your customers

Welcome Emails

Greet new customers and start building relationships with a welcome email.

Purchase history emails

Use conditions to send emails based on shopping behavior and re-engage customers who purchased from you before.

Special Occasions

Send emails to your customers with special offers on their birthdays or anniversaries.

Coupon Codes

Send emails with discount or promo codes to introduce your brand to new customers or capture sales from existing customers.


Marketing can make a huge difference for a restaurant but many don’t bother to do much. MenuDrive offers more marketing features than any other platform in the market and can help you realize the benefits, just like Michelle at Logan’s did! Read the case study to learn how you can see numbers like this.


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