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What sets your restaurant apart? And why should customers visit it? It’s not enough for you to know the answers to those questions. Your current and future customers need to know them too! That’s where restaurant marketing ideas comes into play. Through a wide range of digital and in-person channels, restaurant marketing tells the world who you are, what you do, and why your restaurant is the one to visit (again and again). When done right, marketing attracts more customers, retains more existing ones, and results in more menu sales. It’s the kind of investment that pays out in spades over time.

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Marketing is one of the most important things a restaurant can do — besides make great food — which is why we’ve put together a comprehensive library of restaurant marketing ideas. These tools, guides, and galleries are intended for restaurants at all marketing levels. Whether your Instagram account has a follower count of 0 or you’re making guest appearances on the Today Show, we think you’ll find something here to help you promote your restaurant for business growth. Enjoy!

And best of all: did we mention that every single one of these restaurant marketing ideas/tools are free?

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The Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant Marketing

The Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant MarketingEverything you need to know to market your restaurant for business growth Welcome to The Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant Marketing! Running a restaurant can be an incredibly satisfying adventure. When done right, it can also…


An Overview of Restaurant Marketing

An Overview of Restaurant MarketingThe basics of restaurant marketing, including strategies and competition research The restaurant industry is a notoriously risky one. Roughly 60% of eateries fail in their first year; 80% close within five years. Poor food or service…


Restaurant Marketing (Not Digital and Traditional)

Restaurant Marketing (Non-Digital and Traditional)Restaurant PR, print marketing, direct mail, merchandise, and more This chapter of The Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant Marketing explores some of the traditional ways to market a restaurant. Although digital marketing is an essential part of…


Getting Discovered Online: Digital Marketing for Restaurants

Getting Discovered Online: Digital Marketing for RestaurantsRestaurant websites, SEO, email marketing, and more In this chapter of The Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant Marketing, we dive into arguably the most important aspect of marketing these days: digital marketing. If You Sell…


Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Social Media Marketing for RestaurantsBuild your restaurant’s customer base and brand awareness by standing out on social media. With 84% of people who use the Internet also using social media, social media marketing is a no-brainer. This chapter of The…


Restaurant Digital Advertising

Restaurant Digital AdvertisingReach a targeted audience: your restaurant’s future customers. Digital advertising entails sharing promotional content through online channels such as social media and search engines. In this chapter of The Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant Marketing, we take a close…


How to Create a Restaurant Marketing Budget

How to Create a Restaurant Marketing BudgetThe basics of restaurant marketing budgeting and ROI We hope that every sentence in this Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant Marketing is reiterating the same point: Marketing is essential to any restaurant business. You could…


The Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant Marketing Conclusion

Conclusion: The Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant MarketingWith further reading and restaurant marketing resources If you’re here, it means you’ve read through The Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant Marketing and are ready to launch a successful marketing program. Congratulations! You’re on your…


The Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Kitchens

The Beginner’s Guide to Ghost KitchensEverything you need to know to start and run a successful ghost kitchen Introduction Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Kitchens! If you’re thinking about launching your own ghost kitchen business, you’ve come to…


What Is a Ghost Kitchen?

What Is a Ghost Kitchen?The key features of the ghost kitchen business model The term “ghost kitchen” has surged in popularity over the past year. In this first section of The Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Kitchens, we outline what a…


Who Are Ghost Kitchens For?

Who Are Ghost Kitchens For?Entrepreneurs, chefs, and others who might benefit from the ghost kitchen model Is the ghost kitchen business model right for you? Find out in this chapter of The Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Kitchens. Who Is Involved…


The Growing Ghost Kitchen Trend

The Growing Ghost Kitchen TrendWhy ghost kitchens are on the rise — and why they’re sticking around Ghost kitchens are on the rise. What’s behind the trend? In this chapter of The Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Kitchens, we consider the…


How Do Ghost Kitchens Work?

How Do Ghost Kitchens Work?Operational procedures at a virtual restaurant Ghost kitchen operations are simple and, when done right, smooth sailing. This chapter of The Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Kitchens delves into how they work. The Basics of Ghost Kitchen…


Types of Ghost Kitchens

Types of Ghost KitchensIncubator ghost restaurants, entrepreneur ghost restaurants, and kitchen pods Ghost kitchens come in different shapes and sizes depending on factors like budget and cuisine type. They can be classified into three main types: Incubator Ghost Restaurants Incubator…


How to Start a Ghost Kitchen

How to Start a Ghost Kitchen9 steps for launching a successful ghost kitchen Are you considering opening a ghost kitchen? Given the high consumer demand and low setup costs, it’s a business worth a look! Ghost kitchens are popping up…


How to Grow a Ghost Kitchen Business

How to Grow a Ghost Kitchen BusinessTips on improving ghost kitchen sales and revenue Once you’ve launched your ghost kitchen, you’re on your way to business growth. Here are some key things to keep in mind as you set profit…


Tips on Ghost Kitchen Marketing

Tips on Ghost Kitchen MarketingMarketing strategies can build your customer base and order count Growing a ghost kitchen business takes strategy and constant evaluation. A key area worth investing time, effort, and probably some money in is your ghost kitchen’s…


Running a Ghost Kitchen: Pros and Cons

Running a Ghost Kitchen: Pros and ConsThe key benefits and disadvantages of the ghost kitchen business model We hope this guide is providing you with a clear sense of what it’s like to launch and grow a ghost kitchen business….


The Future of Ghost Kitchens

The Future of Ghost Kitchens Where is the ghost kitchen trend headed? In this final section of The Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Kitchens, we consider what lies ahead for the dining industry. Ghost kitchens came on the market quickly. Are…


Restaurant Opening Marketing Plan

Restaurant Opening Marketing Plan Manage marketing efforts at your new establishment with a restaurant opening marketing plan. Free Download Inside the Restaurant Opening Marketing Plan If you’re planning to open a restaurant, you should be thinking about how you are…

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Restaurant Digital Marketing Plan

Build a Restaurant Digital Marketing Plan to Reach More Customers A restaurant digital marketing plan highlights effective online marketing strategies for promoting your restaurant. Free Download Promote Your Business with a Restaurant Digital Marketing Plan Competition in the restaurant industry…

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Restaurant Social Media Marketing Plan

Restaurant Social Media Marketing Plan A restaurant social media marketing plan delivers your message to the right audience at the right time. Free Download The Importance of a Restaurant Social Media Marketing Plan Competition in the restaurant industry is getting…

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Restaurant Guest Survey Template

Restaurant Guest Survey Template for Better Customer Feedback The restaurant guest survey template highlights the questions that will help you understand your customers better. Free Download Inside the Restaurant Guest Survey Template A guest satisfaction survey can play a critical…

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Restaurant Marketing Planning Calendar

Restaurant Marketing Planning Calendar Use the restaurant marketing planning calendar to schedule and assign your restaurant marketing tasks. Free Download Why You Need a Restaurant Marketing Planning Calendar Any successful marketing campaign requires proper planning. Whether you are opening a…

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Social Media Policy Template for Restaurants

Social Media Policy Template for Restaurants The social media policy template will help you create, revise, or update your restaurant’s social media policy to make it more effective for your business. Free Download Inside the Restaurant Social Media Policy Template…

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Marketing Strategies Checklist

Use the Marketing Strategies Checklist to Improve Your Marketing Efforts The Marketing Strategies Checklist allows you to assess and improve your marketing strategy, to achieve better results. Free Download The Importance of a Marketing Strategies Checklist The success of any…

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Great Restaurant Instagram Accounts

Popular Instagram Accounts for Restaurants Need inspiration for your restaurant’s Instagram? Here are some accounts we love. With their beautiful photography, compelling captions, and irresistible food, these accounts make one thing clear: Their restaurants are must-visit! View this post on…

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Restaurant Video Marketing Gallery

RESTAURANT MARKETING VIDEO GALLERYA collection of the best in restaurant videos Need inspiration for your restaurant’s video marketing? These videos are great examples of restaurant video marketing done right. Through strong storytelling and content that inspires, these restaurants are using…

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Vegan Restaurant Website Template

Vegan Restaurant Website TemplatesYour customers love clean vegan food. Why not give them a clean online restaurant aesthetic to match? Use our vegan food restaurant templates to design a storefront that honors and spotlights your brand.We know you’re focused on…

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Sushi Restaurant Website Template

Sushi Restaurant Website TemplatesThese sushi restaurant templates are perfect not only for sushi, but also for Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai food restaurants, among others. They can be customized for your brand and will work for a range of restaurant types,…

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Steakhouse Restaurant Website Template

Steakhouse Restaurant Website TemplatesYour steakhouse is the embodiment of style. Whether it’s elegant and classic or modern and minimalist, your online restaurant should reflect your brand. Our steakhouse templates let you do just that, no coding or graphic design skills…

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Soul Food Restaurant Website Template

Soul Restaurant Website TemplatesIf a picture is worth a thousand words, your online restaurant’s design is priceless. A compelling graphic design encourages new orders and builds long-time customer relationships.Use our designer-made soul food templates to build a great-looking site that…

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Seafood Restaurant Website Template

Seafood Restaurant Website TemplatesCongratulations on launching your online seafood restaurant! Use our designer-made seafood restaurant templates to easily build a professional, clean, and compelling online restaurant.Our templates are pre-built by our team of design specialists, who know exactly what drives…

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Sandwich Restaurant Website Template

Sandwich Restaurant Website TemplatesFirst impressions are everything. Make a great one with an attractive, professional online restaurant. Use our sandwich shop templates for an irresistible restaurant to match your irresistible sandwiches. Just choose a style, add your preferred design template to…

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Salad Restaurant Website Template

Salad Restaurant Website TemplatesYour salad bar customers expect a satisfying, refreshing dining experience. That experience can start as soon as they visit your online restaurant to place an order. Use our salad bar templates to launch a storefront that looks…

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Pizzeria Restaurant Website Template

Pizzeria Restaurant Website TemplatesNo graphic design experience? No problem. You don’t need a background in coding or design to build the perfect pizza online ordering site.The designer-made pizzeria template has a modern, clean style, with premium attention to visual details….

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Mexican Restaurant Website Template

Mexican Restaurant Website TemplatesFusing modern with traditional, these warm and inviting Mexican restaurant templates are perfect for any family Mexican restaurant. Tempt customers to your online restaurant by adapting our designer-made templates to match your brand.MenuDrive’s templates have been built…

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Mediterranean Restaurant Website Template

Mediterranean Restaurant Website TemplatesYou don’t need graphic design experience to build a great-looking online restaurant. Use our Mediterranean restaurant templates for an engaging, classic style. Just choose from a selection of styles, customize your storefront design as preferred, and share…

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The Two Types of Restaurant Online Ordering

The Two Types of Restaurant Online Ordering “Soon, restaurants that don’t allow customers to order online will be unable to compete and — ultimately — survive.” Those prescient words were written in Modern Restaurant Management in 2018, back when online ordering was…

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MenuDrive Launch Guide

MenuDrive Launch Guide Welcome to MenuDrive, a smart online ordering platform that allows your customers to order food directly from your website. With a simple setup process for you and an easy ordering experience for your customers, MenuDrive is perfect…

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Guidelines for Reopening Your Restaurant During COVID-19

Restaurants are starting to get the green light to reopen, and we’re moving forward with caution as an industry. The National Restaurant Association has provided guidelines for reopening, while industry leaders like Starbucks, Darden Restaurants, McDonald’s, and Chili’s are paving…

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Get Started With Online Ordering Checklist

If you’ve just implemented online ordering at your restaurant, congratulations! You’ve made a smart decision that will set your restaurant up for long-term success. There’s plenty to think about when you’re just getting started with online ordering, but there’s no…

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Introducing Our New Design

We’re thrilled to debut a new look to MenuDrive, plus new design tools. Our new visual design is modern and intuitive, providing restaurants with total control of their online ordering platform. Our new image tools, in turn, let restaurants customize…

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Experience Our Curated Lab

Below are some of the entrepreneurial requirements to take your restaurant business to the next level. Menudrive offers intriguing tools that will help you leverage business applications, controls, calculating solutions, methodologies, etc. These tools will help cope with changing markets, track competitive positions and improve performance.

QR Code Generator

MenuDrive’s QR code generator lets you enter any web URL, phone number, SMS or plain text.

Flyer Designer

With thousands of templates to choose from, you’ll go from idea to finished flyer in minutes.

Signage Maker

Signage helps you send customers to your online storefront by creating signage for your physical locations.

Color Palette Generator

MenuDrive’s color palette generator lets you create your business/brand palette within minutes.

Social Media Kit

With thousands of templates to choose from, you’ll go from idea to finished flyer in minutes.

Email Template Editor

Email template editor can help you create professional emails for your restaurant business.

Storefront Template Editor

MenuDrive’s storefront template editor lets you create attractive storefront template designs with ease.

ROI Calculator

MenuDrive’s Return on investment (ROI) measures the profit earned from marketing investments (or costs).

Recipe Cost Calculator

Recipe Cost Calculator has helped thousands of restaurants become more profitable by understanding their true food costs.

Google My Business Audit

Google My Business Audit helps to see how your listing compares against industry benchmarks for 18 key factors.

CPM Calculator

Make your ads profitable and optimize campaigns with our CPM Calculator.

Profit Margin Calculator

Understanding what your margin needs to be to turn a profit is key to success. Easily find a profitable selling price for your product.

MenuDrive Insights

MenuDrive Insights provides key information on your conversion rate, traffic sources, and other valuable eCommerce metrics.

Traffic & Competitor Analysis

Get a full view of any company’s online performance with website traffic analysis. Analyze up to 3 sites at once from your custom list.

Loyalty ROI Calculator

Our Loyalty ROI Calculator shows you how profitable your loyalty program can be over its lifetime.

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