Social Media Kit

Step up your content creation and social media marketing game with professionally created and fully editable post and story templates for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Add your messaging, post it, and watch the likes roll in.

Increase engagement, traffic, and sales

Digital marketing is a way to acquire new customers, build lasting customer relationships, and drive traffic to your website or online menu. The social media kit will help you create attractive event promotions, infographics, and daily menu specials. You can post real-time photos and videos of what goes on behind the scenes to increase engagement and traffic to your storefront. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a social media kit?
Our social media kit  saves time on content creation while helping you deliver high-quality social media campaigns. With ready-made templates, images can easily be edited to any shape,

What is a social media kit used for?

The templates in our social media kit can be used for many types of media. You may want them for influencer marketing, attracting customers, or saving time and money on design. A collection

How to create a free social media template in 3 simple steps

  1. Choose your cuisine type
  2. Choose your social media handle
  3. Choose a template design

Do social media images have a designated size?

Yes, social media platforms have a designated image size. It is advisable to create specific graphics per platform for the best outcome.

Start Designing Your Social Media Posts

Select from over 50+ social templates
Design easily with our simple interface
Upload videos, images, and fonts
Make your designs visually consistent
Use free stock photos by Canva
Remove backgrounds from images
Customize designs to match your branding

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