Make your bar the life of the at-home party.

Online Alcohol Sales Are Growing. Are Yours?

Online alcohol sales rose by 22% in March 2020. How much of that increase did your bar experience? If your sales have declined, plateaued, or only increased slightly, we can help.

Boost your bar’s profits with simple-set-up online ordering and delivery. MenuDrive makes it easy to sell beer, spirits, wine, and other alcohol online (assuming that’s legal in your area!).

Give Your Customers What They Want

Beer for your customers’ Netflix nights.

Champagne for their Zoom birthday parties.

Wine for date night at home.

Spirits for serious celebrations.

When your bar or brewery delivers the goods, it’ll deliver the joy.

Take Charge of Your Ordering & Delivery

As a bar owner or manager, you’re used to being in charge. We want you to stay that way.

With MenuDrive, you’re in control. Make real-time changes to your online ordering site, from images to menu updates to store hours. You get to decide what your online ordering looks like, and what customers can do when they visit it.

MenuDrive Features for Your Brewery or Bar

Marketing Services

Send out email automation with a personal touch, including birthday and anniversary greetings.

Coupons & Loyalty

Reward customers for supporting your bar or brewery — and becoming regulars.

Design & Branding

Make your online storefront your own. Add photos, colors, your logo, and ad images.

Reporting & Analytics

Access real-time reporting on sales, items, loyalty, coupons, customers, and more.

Quick Menu Updates

Make immediate menu changes from anywhere with internet.

Customer Data

Collect customer email addresses, phone numbers, and more for long-term relationship building.

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