How Logan’s Bar & Grill Increased Sales 20% and Grew Profits by 264% in Only Four Weeks

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A Local Favorite Builds Customer Connections with Smart Online Ordering & Marketing

If your restaurant didn’t have online ordering set up before the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re probably considering it now. Restaurants that pivot from dine-in to online not only survive but even increase their sales with the right tools.

Logan’s Bar & Grill in Freeport, Illinois, added over $1,000 a day to their revenue by using smart online ordering. They leveraged their MenuDrive account to double down on digital marketing and customer coupons with tremendous success.

If your restaurant needs to pivot to online ordering and revenue-driving marketing automation, their story will resonate with you.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Since 2010, Logan’s Bar & Grill has been a locals’ favorite, where customers feel like family as soon as they walk in the door. When owner Michelle Magee took over in 2015, she drew crowds every night of the week with fun events, from their weekly trivia nights to live bands to family-friendly arts and crafts. They had birthday parties for all ages, complete with a rentable bounce house. Michelle loved the energy and really enjoyed going to work every day.

“I feel like we’re a big family. Most of the staff has been here over five years,” she said.

Michelle began offering online ordering to give her customers a convenient way to place orders through their computers and phones. “So many customers wanted online ordering,” she said. After a lot of research and consideration, she  picked the platform that was recommended to her by her POS company: MenuDrive. She’s had online ordering through MenuDrive for about two years.

When the pandemic hit, the event-based traffic Michelle and her staff had cultivated for years disappeared overnight. But her loyal customers didn’t.

20/20 Vision for an Unexpected 2020

Michelle noticed a massive shift in customer behavior in March 2020. Now, her MenuDrive account helps her deliver what her customers are craving. Since the pandemic began, Logan’s carryout and delivery business has gone up over 20%.

“I recommend MenuDrive to everyone! It is by far the best out there in online ordering platforms! [Being] user friendly is very important and MenuDrive nailed it!” she said. 

“Our business has increased since MenuDrive. We feel we’ve chosen the best online ordering platform there is! We get tons of positive customer feedback on our ordering system versus others in our area. Sales have increased because online ordering is so simple, we offer great coupons/discounts, and we can send birthday texts and emails too! There are a lot of MenuDrive offers on the back end to the business as far as social media sharing, coupons, customer loyalty program, email marketing and more!” – Michelle at Logan’s Bar & Grill

Digital Marketing Tools That Drive Success

Michelle uses MenuDrive’s digital marketing automation and customer incentive tools for even more profits and sales. Before setting up online ordering, she had invested in coupons on customer receipts and in local newspapers. It wasn’t going well.

“Folks throw their receipts away. No one reads the newspaper anymore,” she said.

“MenuDrives coupons are amazing. We have such success with the online coupons. We send out loyalty coupons, we offer coupons with rewards points, or a coupon after so many orders are placed. We love the flexibility.”

After signing up with MenuDrive, Michelle was pleased to discover the wide range of coupon and loyalty options.

She uses MenuDrive’s email automation to send personalized emails to customers. Relationship building, after all, has always been at the heart of Logan’s Bar & Grill.

Tried newspaper coupons, mailers, and receipt offers.
Discovered that guests often threw their receipts away, mailers were recycled, and newspaper readership was down.
Within just a few weeks, one coupon offer alone had an ROI of 264% and $11k+ in profit.
Results of one coupon used by Logan’s Bar & Grill through their MenuDrive platform

Community and Customers First

A community-centered meeting place before the pandemic, Logan’s Bar & Grill has continued to be an integral part of Freeport life thanks to their online ordering and customer incentives. Michelle loved hosting fundraisers for local charities and individuals, and she’s touched by all the support the community has shown her in recent months.

“We are grateful during these trying times to have a good business, wonderful customers, and caring staff.”

She thinks that adding online ordering is a no-brainer for restaurants, especially now that customers want it more than ever.

“With how things are going, everything is moving online. From a business standpoint, it really doesn’t make sense not to use MenuDrive.

The Bottom Line

Michelle chose MenuDrive for online ordering because of its simplicity and flexibility, and her decision paid off in spades. Sales and profits are up, and the future promises only further growth!

Are you interested in increasing coupon redemptions, revenue, profits, and growth like Logan’s Bar & Grill?

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