How to Use QR Codes to Market Your Restaurant

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QR codes have increased in popularity in the past few months as an option for contactless ordering during Covid. Yet many restaurants are missing out on the benefits of using QR codes for their marketing. 

While QR codes are not new to the marketing scene, many restaurant owners have yet to harness their power. Even if you have a QR code for tableside ordering, you might not be taking full advantage of its capabilities. A QR code can be used anywhere from flyers to social media posts to help boost your business’s visibility and increase restaurant sales. Incorporating QR codes into your restaurant marketing plan can significantly increase revenue without requiring a huge investment in new marketing materials. 

Keep reading to find out how to make the most of QR codes to drive revenue for your restaurant business. 

Restaurant Ordering Gets Easier and Safer When You Use QR Codes

Whether your customers are dining in or taking out, QR codes are a great, safe way for them to place orders at your restaurant.

Q: Do customers get a safer dining experience with the use of QR codes for contactless ordering?

A: A resounding yes!

Dine In & QR Codes

When it comes to creating a safe dining experience during Covid-19, the less contact your customers have with your wait staff, the safer they are while dining in your restaurant (and the safer your staff members are). A QR code on each table is a cost-effective way to provide digital menus to all customers without added expenses.

Each customer can use the QR code to pull up your menu on their mobile phone. They can place an order right away with a few quick clicks. 

With a QR code menu, you don’t have to supply disposable menus that increase your restaurant’s waste, or worry about sanitizing menus between each use. Paper menus are often the dirtiest thing in a restaurant, which is why the National Restaurant Association suggests using disposable or digital menus. Not only are you cutting down on the risk of contamination, but when your restaurant is clean, people come back. 

By reducing the number of items in your restaurant that get reused, you create a cleaner environment. And when you eliminate the need for paper menus and disposable menus, you create a cleaner world environment by reducing waste. 

Take Out & QR Codes

QR codes don’t just make sense for dine-in contactless ordering. They work for takeout and delivery too. From the comfort of their own homes, your customers can be taken directly to your online ordering menu. 

They don’t need a special app to take advantage of the many benefits of using QR codes. Customers can simply open their phone’s camera and aim it at the QR code, and your digital menu will come up. Customers will see all your menu items and be able to check out right away.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Customers Using QR Codes

Using a QR code to place an order is easy, but if your customers ever have questions about how to do it, here are some quick instructions you can give them. 

  1.     Aim your smartphone camera at the QR code.
  2.     Click on the screen to bring up the restaurant menu.
  3.     Choose menu items and add any special instructions.
  4.     Check out securely from the app for dine-in, curbside pickup, takeout, or delivery options.

Restaurant Marketing Gets More Effective When You Use QR Codes

It’s easy to drive online orders with QR codes — while raising your brand’s profile and growing your customer list. Read on to find out how to drive orders and awareness simultaneously.

MenuDrive Provides QR Code Marketing Materials at No Additional Cost

Want to drum up more business? Blast your QR code to your social media feeds to increase visibility and let your customers know that they now have new ways to place an order with your restaurant. Feature it prominently on print materials too, including business cards and flyers.

Here at MenuDrive, we offer our customers free pre-built marketing templates with QR codes, so they can promote their restaurant business and drive more orders. Check out our video to learn more about MenuDrive’s QR code marketing templates.

Our templates with free QR codes include:

  • Instagram posts – Reach your customers on the #1 platform for sharing images. You can download our pre-built Instagram posts to your computer or phone, and share them with your followers. Don’t forget to tag us @menudrive, so we can help you push each post a little bit more. We love helping you succeed!
  • Facebook posts – Post our template to your Facebook feed, and encourage your followers to share it. Tag us @menudrive on Facebook.
  • Facebook cover images – Facebook cover images with QR codes let your customers know exactly where to place their next food order. Just download them to your phone or computer, and update your Facebook cover.
  • Facebook and Instagram videos – You can upload a 15-second video to show off your new online menu. Just download it and post it to Facebook or Instagram. A good idea is to boost the video to bring in more views.
  • Business cards – Business cards are tried-and-true ways to build connections. Place a stack by your register so customers can grab and go — and scan to order the next time they’re hungry.
  • Flyers – Our flyer template is 8.5” x 11” — a great size for leaving on tables and other surfaces around your restaurant. 
  • Postcards – The Goldilocks of print marketing materials, postcards are in between business cards and flyers in size. You can customize our 6” x 4” postcards, then add them to to-go bags so your customers can hold on to them for future orders. If you’re in a high-traffic area such as a popular retail neighborhood or strip mall, ask if nearby shops will let you feature your postcard in their stores. Another solid option is to add your postcards or business cards to local bulletin boards.

Deeper Dive: How Can You Use QR Codes to Market Your Restaurant on Instagram?

One of the above no-cost marketing materials is an Instagram post with a QR code that your customers can scan. This will help you promote your restaurant on the top platform for sharing images. You can download our pre-built post to your phone and share it directly with your followers — who can then share it with their friends in turn.

Instagram can be an effective way to keep your restaurant front of mind for customers, even during times of lockdown. Uploading photos of your restaurant’s food and safety practices, as well as stories about your staff, helps show your potential customers what makes your restaurant unique. Adding your QR code to Instagram takes prospects from knowing about your restaurant to placing a food order directly from their feed. Restaurant patrons can choose curbside pickup, takeout, and/or delivery, based on your MenuDrive admin settings for food order types. 

Where Else Could You Put QR Codes?

  • Receipts – A QR code on your receipt can lead to repeat orders from existing customers. MenuDrive restaurants can add an image such as a logo or QR code to their receipts. 
  • Restaurant tables – To provide contactless menus, place print materials with your QR code at each restaurant table. On the print materials, let customers know they can tell you where they’re seated by writing in a table number or location in the special instructions.
  • Takeout containers – As with receipts, takeout containers with QR codes are a great way to generate repeat business for your restaurant. You could either add your QR code to your menu, or you could swap out your menu with a QR code flyer (or both!).
  • Menu stands – Where you would typically keep paper menus stored, replace them with QR codes to provide more options for contactless ordering within your restaurant. 
  • By the front door of your restaurant – Get people who pass by your restaurant to take a peek at your menu — and place an order. 
  • Promotional and marketing emails – When you send out promotional emails, include your QR code. Remind your customers that you’re putting their health and safety first. 

For more ideas on how to market your restaurant, check out our article 101 Ways to Market Your Restaurant.

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