The Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant Marketing

Everything you need to know to market your restaurant for business growth

Welcome to The Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant Marketing!

Running a restaurant can be an incredibly satisfying adventure. When done right, it can also be an incredibly successful one. A key part of that success is marketing.

If you’re opening a restaurant, marketing is essential for raising your brand’s profile in a crowded marketplace. If you already have a restaurant, it’s always a good idea to reassess your marketing to see what’s working and what could be improved. If previous efforts fell as flat as a bad soufflé, it’s not too late to get your marketing back on track.

This guide will cover all the basic aspects of successful restaurant marketing. Why do you need a marketing strategy? What are the most important traditional marketing methods? Which digital marketing channels should you invest in? 

We’ll consider everything from social media marketing to digital advertising to direct mail marketing and much more.

Each section will provide ideas and tips for immediate use. We’ll also share links to useful articles and further insights. If you’d like more information about anything we cover, you can always contact our marketing team at

Ready to get started? Here’s a breakdown of what each chapter in this guide will cover.


  1. CHAPTER 1: An Overview of Restaurant Marketing

    Chapter 1 goes over all the basic touchpoints of restaurant marketing, including strategies and current trends.
    Topics covered:
    – Restaurant Marketing Strategies
    – Research Your Audience and Competitors
    – Why You Need a Restaurant Marketing Plan
    – The Importance of Branding for Restaurants
    – Should You Use a Restaurant Marketing Agency?
    – Restaurant Industry Trends in Marketing

  2. CHAPTER 2: Restaurant Marketing (Non-Digital and Traditional)

    In this chapter, we consider classic marketing and PR tactics. 
    Topics covered:
    – Restaurant PR
    – Restaurant Flyers, Signs, and Print Marketing Materials
    – Traditional Restaurant Advertisement
    – Restaurant Direct Mail Marketing
    – Restaurant T-Shirts and Other Branded Merch
    – Guerilla Marketing for Restaurants
    – Restaurant Gift Cards
    – Restaurant Coupons
    – Restaurant Loyalty Program
    – How to Get Customer Feedback to Grow Your Restaurant Business
    – Restaurant Special Events
    – Restaurants That Do Fundraisers and Other Community Engagement
    – Restaurant Promotion Ideas

  3. CHAPTER 3: Restaurant Digital Marketing

    In this chapter, we cover the basics of digital marketing, from launching a website to making sure your restaurant is listed in online directories.
    Topics covered:
    – Build a Restaurant Website Designed to Draw In Customers
    – Restaurant SEO Tips
    – How to Use Your Restaurant Online Ordering System to Market Your Business
    – How to Use Google My Business and Other Online Directories to Grow Your Restaurant Business
    – How to Get Your Restaurant Reviewed Online
    – Restaurant Newsletter and Email Marketing
    – Text Message Marketing for Restaurants
    – Market Your QR Code Menu

  4. CHAPTER 4: Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

    This chapter goes over one of the most popular methods for raising brand awareness: social media marketing.
    Topics covered:
    – General Tips for Restaurant Social Media Marketing
    – Facebook Marketing Strategy for Restaurants
    – Restaurant Instagram Marketing
    – Restaurant Food Photography Tips
    – Twitter for Restaurants
    – Restaurant Video Marketing
    – Should You Work with Food Influencers?
    – Optimize Your Restaurant’s Social Media Marketing With Food Hashtags

  5. CHAPTER 5: Restaurant Digital Advertising

    In Chapter 5, “Restaurant Digital Advertising,” we consider some of the main channels for digital advertising.
    Topics covered:
    – Google Restaurant Advertising
    – Facebook Ads for Restaurants
    – Other Social Media Advertising for Restaurants

  6. CHAPTER 6: How to Create a Restaurant Marketing Budget

    How much should you invest in restaurant marketing? We break it down.
    Topics covered:
    – The Basics of Restaurant Marketing Budgets
    – Market Your Restaurant the Right Way
    – Key Restaurant Marketing Budget Areas
    – Restaurant Marketing ROI
    – Restaurant Marketing Hidden Costs to Look Out For
    – What Every Restaurant Should Be Doing to Succeed

How Much of This Guide Do I Need to Read?

Although this is a beginner’s guide, the information in it is also suitable for people already in the restaurant industry. If you want to get a full understanding of restaurant marketing, we recommend reading the guide from front to back. On the other hand, if you’re only interested in specific aspects of this topic, you can skip ahead to the relevant chapters. Take notes, and be sure to check out the links in each section for further reading and insights. Enjoy!

How Can I Get a Copy of the Complete Guide?

Head over to this page for a free PDF copy of the complete Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant Marketing.

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