From Facebook ads to QR codes, use Menu Drive’s marketing tools to easily raise your restaurant’s profile … and sales.

Grow Your Restaurant Business

Looking to improve your restaurant’s marketing? Look no further. Between smart marketing tools built into the MenuDrive platform (email automation, coupons, loyalty, etc.) and personalized marketing services (QR code marketing, Facebook ads, and more), we’ve got your restaurant covered.

You can use each of these get-it-and-go marketing tools to increase your restaurant’s visibility and sales.

Did we say get-it-and-go? We meant get-it-and-grow!

Built-In Marketing Tools

Turbocharge your marketing just by logging in to MenuDrive, using these ready-to-launch marketing features.

Send Email

Use email automation to welcome new customers, send birthday greetings, or check in with someone who hasn’t placed an order in a while. Send an email with a special offer for an immediate spike in sales.

Offer Coupons

A simple discount code can go a long way. The destination? Higher sales. MenuDrive restaurants have earned tens of thousands of dollars on one coupon alone. The ROI for a single coupon can get up to ~800%!

Build Loyalty

Launch a rewards program using MenuDrive’s built-in loyalty system. Give rewards based on dollars spent or orders placed, customize your loyalty program, and choose to connect it to your coupons.

Wow Your Site Visitors

Choose from 100+ designer-made templates to launch a great-looking site. Whether your restaurant is a minimalist coffee shop, an elegant Italian restaurant, or a retro BBQ joint, find the template that matches its style.

All templates are customizable with your restaurant’s logo and branding.

Discover How Restaurants Use MenuDrive Marketing

Thousands of restaurants use MenuDrive’s smart marketing tools to connect with their customers.

“We feel we’ve chosen the best online ordering platform there is! We get tons of positive customer feedback on our ordering system versus others in our area. Sales have increased because online ordering is so simple, we offer great coupons/discounts, and we can send birthday texts and emails too! There are a lot of MenuDrive offers on the back end to the business as far as social media sharing, coupons, customer loyalty program, email marketing and more!”

Michelle Magee, Logan’s Bar & Grill

“MenuDrive really helped a lot with my small restaurant.

It is a powerful online ordering system with a lot of useful tools, it saves time and money on taking and charging orders, it reduces mistakes, and its reward system can build up customer loyalty.

Its broadcast function makes any update and notice easy.”

James Wang, Sushi Ko

Increase Sales with MenuDrive Marketing

MenuDrive’s marketing tools don’t end with email, coupons, and loyalty. There’s more!

Our marketing team offers personalized services to raise your restaurant’s profile and increase brand exposure. Plus, the MenuDrive platform offers even more features to get your customer communications going and sales skyrocketing.

Hyper-Targeted Facebook Ads

Facebook ads that resonate, built with conversion as the #1 goal. Drive more prospects from Facebook to your online menu.

QR Codes

With a quick click of a QR code, customers can visit your online menu from all types of marketing materials, from business cards to flyers.


Add a popup to your online restaurant to let customers know about limited-time specials, new menu items, and big announcements.

Upsell Opportunities

MenuDrive’s unobtrusive upselling opportunities add up, increasing the average ticket size. Offer sides, drinks, etc., before customers complete the checkout process.

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