A New Look for Your Online Storefront

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We’re thrilled to debut a new design for MenuDrive storefronts.

Let’s face it, we all judge books by their covers! First impressions matter, which is as true for an online restaurant as it is at a bookstore. When your customers visit your storefront, they should be impressed by your professional-looking restaurant. It should be appealing, compelling, and, most important, inviting. 

Your customers should want to click your menu items, then click that most important of internet buttons: Add to Cart.

Our new storefront design is built for such intentions. We knew it was time for a major design refresh, but we didn’t want to just throw spaghetti at a wall to see what stuck. Our design specialists and development team conducted careful research into e-commerce and digital ordering best practices. We talked to restaurant owners. We looked at the data in our database, comparing sales to styles to see what works best.

The result? A fresh new look with an upgraded visual design. The functionality is still the same; what has changed is purely aesthetic, purely engaging. Your customers will love ordering fresh food from your fresh new site! 

Actually, there is one small but important functionality change. The new storefront is completely responsive. Now you can design one storefront for all devices. Think of it as a simple one-size-fits-all-devices solution.

Product Release Notes

Want to learn more about our latest release? Check out our product release notes here.

Introducing Storefront Templates

Another big announcement: You can now use our designer-made templates for your storefront. They’re easy to add in under 10 minutes.

We know you’re busy, and you’re rightly more focused on business success than becoming a pro graphic designer. With our templates, you don’t need any design or coding skills. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a template. Browse by restaurant type and style. We have 100+ templates to choose from, for everything from a retro sandwich shop to an elegant Italian restaurant.
  2. Click on the four image types (background, header, ad, and footer). You’ll be taken to pre-built images in Canva, a simple platform for easy design changes.
  3. Make any changes you’d like, such as adding your logo or some ad copy.
  4. Upload the images in your MenuDrive Admin Control Panel, click Save Settings, and … that’s it! You’ll now have a great-looking online restaurant.

You can access all storefront templates here. Have fun building a beautiful site! 

What Inspired the Change?

For our last release a few weeks ago, we changed the design of the MenuDrive Admin Control Panel, adding modern styling with enhanced visuals. Now we’re doing the same with customer-facing MenuDrive storefronts. 

As we discussed in an earlier article about the new Admin Control Panel, we are firm believers in driving change. Change spurs growth, and growth yields success. That’s what we want for every restaurant out there.

Our new storefront design is built with that growth — and that restaurant success — in mind. Onwards, upwards, and forward! 🙌

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