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menudrive product release

Greetings from the MenuDrive Product Team! Our latest release has some exciting new enhancements that we hope — and think — you’ll love. Each is designed to strengthen your restaurant’s profile and build lasting relationships with your customers.

The highlights:

🧡 Stronger customer communications – SMS order alerts

🧡 Greater online visibility for your restaurant – new schema markup

🧡 An easier menu editing process – enhanced menu item deleting capability

🧡 More attractive storefront – add templates from within your MenuDrive Admin Control Panel

Read on for the details. (For even more details, check out our product release notes.)

Stronger Customer Communications

You can now send text messages to customers when their orders are ready. This is a great new feature for improving both communications and efficiency. Your customers will know when their takeout or curbside order is ready for pickup, or they’ll know when to expect a delivery. For takeout orders, there won’t be delays in pickup, which means fresher, hotter food. And that means a better dining experience! 

You can activate this feature in your MenuDrive Admin Control Panel. Check out the release notes for the quick setup steps.

Greater Online Visibility for Your Restaurant

We’ve added restaurant schema markup to storefronts. Schema markup is code on your website that allows search engines to gather information about your business directly from the source. Customers won’t see the code, but they will be more likely to find your restaurant in relevant search results. 

Search engines will now recognize your business as a restaurant. They will also gather notable information like store hours and menu details. 

This isn’t exactly the flashiest new feature, but it is a major one that will really help your business! 

An Easier Menu Editing Process

Menus, like seasons and hairstyles, change. We wanted to make it easier for you to quickly delete menu items whenever you’d like to make a change. The process was a bit time-consuming before — after deleting a menu item, you would have to re-select the menu group and category before deleting another one. Now you can stay in the same menu category to continue deleting items from it. That means less time making changes to your menu, for more time selling it.

More Attractive Storefront

You know those restaurant website templates we’ve told you about? You can now access them from within your MenuDrive Admin Control Panel. You have quick access to 100+ professional templates for a range of cuisine types and restaurant styles, from a retro breakfast diner to an elegant Italian eatery. Just click “View Template Library” in Design Settings to select and customize your template.

More Traffic. More Style. More Growth.

That’s the tip of the iceberg, but this release has plenty of other enhancements and fixes, which you can read about in the full release notes. We’re committed to constantly innovating and improving, to give you the best in restaurant online ordering!

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