Introducing Our New Design

We’re thrilled to debut a new look to MenuDrive, plus new design tools. Our new visual design is modern and intuitive, providing restaurants with total control of their online ordering platform. Our new image tools, in turn, let restaurants customize the look and feel of their online ordering presence.

There are four components of this major release.

Modern Look

First, an upgraded visual design gives the MenuDrive Admin Control Panel a completely fresh look.

Enhanced Reporting

Second, we know your restaurant data is arguably the most important resource you have (besides great food!). So we’ve added a new Sales Dashboard for quick access to your key analytics. Right below it, you’ll see your restaurant’s order history. Additionally, soon an Admin Control Panel homepage will also showcase your restaurant data, including:

  • Total revenue
  • Revenue by month
  • Orders received
  • Orders fulfilled
  • Recent orders
  • Order type
  • Customer type (registered vs. guest)
  • And more

Having that information front and center lets you see exactly how well your restaurant is performing at all times. If everything’s going well, you’ll know what’s working. Or you’ll see where improvements could be made.

Image Uploading Tools

The third big change is the ability to upload images directly to MenuDrive from Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more. Not only that, but we’ll automatically size your images to work on all devices. That means no more adjusting image sizes and formats to get them just right. Once you upload a photo, it’s ready to go.

MenuDrive Revenue Engine

Last but not least, a new Revenue Engine page lets you take advantage of MenuDrive’s built-in marketing tools. A smart restaurant marketing plan is more important now than ever. With the MenuDrive Revenue Engine, it’s never been easier to build strong customer relationships by offering coupons, setting up email automation, creating a rewards program, and more.

Driving Change. Driving Growth.

At MenuDrive, we believe in driving change. To us, that’s synonymous with driving growth — which is exactly what our goal is with every restaurant we support. There’s a simple formula to our work: We give restaurants the tools to succeed. They do the succeeding. 

We’ll admit, even though we’re big fans of driving change, we didn’t anticipate how much things would change in 2020! Even as we were busy planning an exciting product roadmap earlier this year, we had no idea that we’d have to shift gears so abruptly.

Here’s what made that abrupt gear shift much more exhilarating: seeing the remarkable adaptation of our restaurant partners to a whole new world. As many transitioned from dine-in to a takeout and delivery-first approach, they showed their resilience, flexibility, and creativity.

We found it incredibly inspiring, and we wanted to honor that spirit with some innovation of our own. Building something big is much more meaningful when you’re part of something big.

Release Notes

For more detailed information about our new visual design and tools for restaurants, visit our Support Center for release notes.

What’s Coming

This is the first mile of the drive ahead. The next stretches are coming fast and furious: 

  • A new storefront look that your customers will love
  • Enhanced marketing services — everything you need to build customer relationships and increase orders
  • Stock levels
  • Further order management tools
  • Just for fun, we’re going to keep this last one vague for now, but we’ll tell you this much: Your customers are going to be adding an app to their phones.

Questions? Feedback? We’d love to hear from you. Thank you for being a member of the MenuDrive team. 🧡

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