Use MenuDrive for easy online payments.

Choose the Right Payment Processor

You already know you need online ordering. But just as important as selling online is getting paid online. In order to maximize profits and minimize costs, you need to find the right payment processing solution for your restaurant.

So how do you know which one that is? It’s simple.

100% Organic Ingredients

Low Effort

Payment processing should be easy to use yet highly secure.

All-natural Fragrances

Low Fee

Payments should boost your bottom line, not break it.

Up  to 35 Hours of Burn Time

Fast Payouts

Want to wait around to get paid? Neither do we.

No Limits

No Limits

Accept as many online payments as your customers would like to make.

MenuDrive Pay

MenuDrive Pay is our proprietary payment system powered by Stripe, the e-commerce infrastructure built for the internet. Unlike systems that began as in-store processors and then shifted online, Stripe has always been digital-first and digital-forward.
If you’ve made an online payment, chances are you’ve used Stripe. As Merchant Maverick puts it, Stripe has “reached the point where its name is synonymous with internet commerce” (and “there’s a lot to love about” it).

  • Fast application process (minutes, not days)
  • Daily business-day transfers
  • Online and mobile payments
  • Internet-first payments solution
  • Meets the most stringent level of certification for PCI compliance

Who Is MenuDrive Pay For?

If you’re a restaurant owner who is ready to start selling online today, MenuDrive Pay is a great option for you. It’s quick, easy, and reliable. With its fast application process and daily payouts, MenuDrive Pay lays a strong foundation for restaurant success.

Lavu Pay

LavuPay is powered by CardConnect, also an industry leader in the online payments sphere. Merchant Maverick says, “CardConnect’s payment gateway, virtual terminal, and mobile payments products are all high-quality offerings.”

LavuPay is fully integrated with Lavu Point of Sale. When you have LavuPay, Lavu POS, and MenuDrive, you have a holistic all-in-one system for restaurant operations.

Fully integrated with Lavu Point of Sale
Online and in-store payments
Access your payments dashboard anywhere, anytime
You are the Merchant of Record
Patented, PCI-validated security measures

Who Is LavuPay For?

If you’re a restaurant owner who wants an all-in-one system in place (online ordering, payments, POS, and restaurant management), LavuPay is a strong choice. Its system allows for both online and offline payments.

MenuDrive Payment Features

Both MenuDrive Pay and LavuPay offer key features to protect and support your restaurant

Feature 1

Enables PCI Compliance

Follow the rules, without worrying about them.

Feature 2

End-to-End Security

Keep hackers out and data safe.

Feature 3

Leading Fraud Detection

No funny business.

Fast Application Process

Follow the rules, without worrying about them.

Feature 2

Enhanced Analytics

Get full insights and thorough data.

Feature 3

Chargebacks & Refunds

Issue refunds, handle chargebacks, and void transactions.

Which One Is Right for Your Restaurant?

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