For Independent Restaurant Owners: How Sushi Ko Grew Profits by 821% 

James from Sushi Ko Grew Profits by 821%

Before: Did not have a consistent and profitable strategy to get orders. Tried UberEats and Grubhub, but lost money on commissions. Switched to a phone model, but employee turnover and phone orders led to mistakes and unhappy customers.
After: Three months after adding MenuDrive, Sushi Ko grew profits by 821%.
“MenuDrive really helped a lot at my small restaurant. It is a powerful online ordering system with a lot of useful tools. It saves time and money taking and processing orders, reduces mistakes and has a reward system to build up customer loyalty. Thank you very much! I cannot imagine life without MenuDrive! — James Wang, Sushi Ko
Sushi Ko owner James came to MenuDrive wanting to grow his takeout business without UberEats and Grubhub. So MenuDrive created a hyper-targeted offer for Sushi Ko based on its zip code, food type, and customer database. The offer increased exposure for Sushi Ko while growing its sales, profits, and customer list. MenuDrive’s Sushi Ko offer was redeemed 1,006 times in only three months. It generated $53,052 in sales and returned 821% or $47,856 in profit. Sushi Ko no longer uses high-commission food delivery services, and James runs a successful restaurant.

Alec from Supannee House of Thai Doubled Sales and Increased Profits by 798%

Before: Did not have a repeatable, scalable way to get profitable orders. Tried sending mailers and buying newspaper ads but struggled. Inefficient phone orders left staff confused and overworked and resulted in lost business. Had to use UberEats and Grubhub to sell food and was losing money on every order. 
After: Within only six months of adding MenuDrive, Supannee doubled sales and grew profits by 798%.
MenuDrive enables your restaurant to increase direct sales helping to eliminate or reduce the use of high commission food delivery services as well as increasing operational efficiency by eliminating phone volume. MenuDrive also has built in delivery functionality should you wish to deliver. Without MenuDrive, we would be at the mercy of food delivery services, which would cut deeply into our margins and likely would not be viable.” — Alec House, Owner
The first thing MenuDrive did was help Supannee get exposure. To do this, MenuDrive worked with Alec to understand Supannee’s ideal customer and preferences. Next, MenuDrive created a specialized offer to drive new business.This offer was strategically shared on Facebook and various coupon code sites.  Supannee’s offer was redeemed 2,789 times and made the restaurant $80,540 in sales and $72,469 in profit, resulting in a return of 798%.
This offer grew Supannee’s customer list. Alec now uses MenuDrive to automatically message new and existing customers once a month and on special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries), resulting in a consistent flood of profitable orders. He no longer feels the need to use UberEats and Grubhub to drive business.

Michelle from Logan’s Bar & Grill Increased Sales 20% and Grew Profits by 264%

Before: Employed a haphazard and unpredictable order strategy. Tried newspaper coupons, mailers, and receipt offers to get new orders. Discovered that guests often threw their receipts away, mailers were recycled, and newspaper readership was down. Felt that “there had to be a better way” — but did not know what to do.
After: Only four weeks after installing MenuDrive, Logan’s increased sales by 20% and grew profits by 264%.
“Our business has increased since MenuDrive. We feel we’ve chosen the best online ordering platform there is! Sales have increased because online ordering is so simple, we offer great coupons / discounts, we can send birthday texts and emails too! The MenuDrive Offer feature is amazing. We have such success with the online offers. There are a lot of MenuDrive offers on the back end to the business as far as social media sharing, coupons, customer loyalty program, email marketing and more!”
While Logan’s was already a household name in Freeport, Illinois, Michelle wanted more exposure so she could grow her business. She knew that once people tried their food, they would come back. MenuDrive created an offer for Logan’s that was redeemed 645 times. It armed Logan’s staff with a repeatable and measurable online ordering strategy that generated $14,927 in sales and $11,707 in profit, resulting in a return of 264% in only four weeks.

Greg from Gambino’s Pizza Bar & Grill Grew Profits by 480%

Before: Greg’s franchise operation was puttering along. The staff tried mailers and paper coupons to get online orders but found that this strategy had a measly return on investment of only 1%. Pizza is incredibly competitive, and Gambino’s did not know how to grow the right way. As a result, Gambino’s turned to food delivery services, which left customers unsatisfied and Gambino’s margins lower than they wanted.
After: Two years into using MenuDrive, Greg says that his business has grown tremendously, and the response through MenuDrive has been incredible. Greg’s operation is now the fastest-growing Gambino’s franchise restaurant.
“My business was doing okay. But since switching to MenuDrive, our online business has consistently been in the top five of all Gambinos franchise restaurants. The last two years we were top three in sales growth across all Gambino’s locations. I would recommend MenuDrive. With the current pandemic, I can say that we would definitely not be doing as well if we didn’t have MenuDrive.”
MenuDrive helped Gambino’s launch an offer on social media that was redeemed 1,835 times. It delivered $60,576.71 in sales and $51,671.57 in profit, resulting in a return of 480%.

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The figure below illustrates the other successful offers that the MenuDrive team has created for independent restaurants.

Orders come fast. This table shows only a portion of the orders generated by a restaurant on a randomly selected Sunday (October 11, 2020). Note that Sunday is typically the restaurant’s slowest day.

This figure shows net sales and daily cash deposits into a restaurant’s bank account.

MenuDrive has helped many independent restaurants beyond those named above. The chart below shows how we got 1,010,195 profitable online orders in only 90 days without UberEats.

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Who Is MenuDrive For?

MenuDrive provides an all-in-one online ordering and marketing platform for independent restaurateurs. If any of the following describes you, we can help.
✓  If you are a committed, hardworking, do-it-yourself restaurant operator who is fed up with the status quo, you are in the right place.
✓  If you are unsure of how to grow your restaurant now because Covid has changed everything, you are in the right place.
✓  If you are frustrated that you have to pay 35% of your order to food delivery services, and your restaurant is barely making ends meet, you are in the right place.
✓  If you started using food delivery services, are now secretly addicted to their orders, and want to get “clean,” you are in the right place.
✓  If you believe that there has to be an alternative to high-commission food delivery services — one that does not rip you off and does get you more orders (unlike so many online ordering platforms out there) — you are in the right place.
✓  If you are disheartened because you cannot build relationships with your local customers, since food delivery services do not reveal customer information, you are in the right place.
✓  If you are exhausted because you have to make all the decisions at the restaurant — just to keep it afloat — and do not see your friends or family, you are in the right place.
✓  If you are sad that you cannot pay tips to your loyal staff, even though they are killing themselves preparing orders from food delivery services, you are in the right place.
✓  If you spent thousands on a marketing consultant or campaign, only to have it fail, that is completely OK, you are in the right place.
✓  If you are flustered because you tried using Facebook and Instagram to drum up more business for your restaurant but are not seeing success, you are in the right place.
✓  If you are sick and tired of it all and want to just do more of what you love, you are in the right place.
✓  If you are hopeful that you can get off this “hamster wheel” to create your own destiny, you are in the right place.

Here’s the Truth:

Independent restaurants can multiply sales and profits if they use information products, paid traffic, and automated funnels.
You may worry that your competitors are more advanced than you technologically, or you may wonder if you should be sticking with older forms of outreach like mailers, radio spots, and Valpak coupons. 
While the solution is unclear, it is not your fault. Most independent restaurants are not equipped with the skills or resources to maximize profits through these technologies, since they are relatively new and take extra staffing or outsourcing.
On top of that, the third-party delivery industry has created seemingly insurmountable challenges for restaurants, taking 35% off every order. For an industry with average profit margins of 3-5%, such significant cuts from third parties spell inevitable closure for many independent restaurants.

We are the only company dedicated to solving these problems for independent restaurants.

A short background on me and MenuDrive…

Here is a quick background on MenuDrive and myself. My name is Saleem S. Khatri, and I joined MenuDrive’s parent company almost three years ago. Previously, after earning an MBA from Harvard Business School, I helped small businesses make the successful transition from startup to scale up at Y Combinator and later at the US Department of the Treasury. (Well before that, my first job ever was working at an ice cream shop in Royal Oak, Michigan.) When I joined MenuDrive, my job was to grow our independent restaurant offering through partnerships. I was later promoted to CEO, in which role I recruited a rockstar group of technologists, marketers, and former restaurateurs to lead MenuDrive. Everyone on our team shares a commitment to driving restaurant growth and delivering restaurant success.

As CEO, I talked to and met with our customers on a daily basis. I recognized that most independent restaurant operators were stretched thin, and their restaurants were barely profitable. In day-long site visits, my team and I found that one of the key reasons independent restaurants were unprofitable was because they were losing money to food delivery services. “There are no other ways we can get more orders,” the restaurant operators told us. “We have no choice but to sign up with UberEats and Grubhub.” 
We wanted to help. Unfortunately, after looking everywhere for a solution, we could not find one.
So we built one.
We tested the solution with a handful of independent restaurants, and it quickly proved to be a game changer. Soon after, many restaurants began demanding it.
We were grateful for the response from restaurants and from the industry as a whole. MenuDrive was named the best online ordering system by, as well as the best online restaurant food ordering system by The Top Tens.
On the heels of Covid-19, MenuDrive created online ordering stores for almost 4,000 US restaurants. The MenuDrive team worked nights and weekends to bring independent restaurants online — rescuing small businesses in the process. Our team helped so many small restaurants that the “Wall Street Journal” wrote a story about us in June 2020.

Just a handful of MenuDrivers working to get more product enhancements out the door!

There are three steps to create a system that will give you consistent exposure and a flood of profitable orders immediately.

Get visitors to your restaurant’s website
Convert your website visitors into paying customers
Grow your customer list; get more profitable orders; rinse and repeat

Step 1: Get visitors to your restaurant’s website

Old Way

Tell your friends and family. Send coupons in the mail. Post on your Facebook and Instagram.

Old Result

Frustrating and ineffective. There are several steps to get mailers out: flyer design, copy creation, target addresses collection, and physical mailing. Multiple campaigns take months. You will likely spend thousands of dollars and not know if you are getting a return on your investment. There is no control over the process, and results are difficult to measure. Not repeatable if successful.

New Way

Start with a list of customers or a general idea of your ideal customer. Use social media to target those customers. Offer digital coupon codes to get them to your website to place orders. Send prospects directly to your online menu for quick-click ordering.

New Result

Easy and rewarding. You can track how much you are spending and earning in real time, down to the penny. With only a $25 campaign test, you will see which versions of your offer are working on Facebook right away. You can continue to refine your offers and invest more money accordingly. While you will get new business from the ads alone, this effort also grows your customer list for continued outreach. Can repeat with one click if you find an offer successful.

Unique Useful Insights

  • Social media, namely Facebook and Instagram, is where independent restaurant patrons “hang out.” You can attract new customers, raise brand awareness, and increase exposure through offers and hyper-targeted advertising (e.g., a five-mile zip code radius, cuisine preferences, etc.).
  • In these ads, you can test and refine your offer strategy with only a few dollars. Once you know which offers resonate with your audience, you’re able to focus on them to drive immediate traffic to your website.
  • Collecting this data is the first step in creating a repeatable and measurable sales strategy for your restaurant.


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Step 2: Convert your site visitors into paying customers

Old Way

Slap an online ordering button anywhere on your website.

Old Result

Customers say your website is hard to use because it is clunky and not optimized for mobile devices. Customers visit your site and look for an online ordering button but cannot find it. They leave, and you lose the order to your competition. A loss of 20-30% of website visitors results in a loss of thousands of dollars per month. You turn back to UberEats for your orders and continue to hemorrhage cash.

New Way

Website visitors see your social media offer, click, and come to your website. They are taken to a checkout page, where your restaurant upsells the customer on more food and drinks.

New Result

The customer follows a deliberate path to buy — with minimal distractions. Each step is designed to avoid friction and focus on checkout and upselling, which could mean a ticket size increase of 20-35%. The process is easy and smooth. You are making more money. Your customer list is growing.

Unique Useful Insights

  • By controlling the path of your website visitor, you reduce friction and cart abandonment and increase your sales. You can upsell the customer on additional food and drinks. 
  • Now that you have an order, you can compare the cost of that order to the cost of advertising. If the sales made from the order are higher than the cost of advertising, you are on a path to success.


Step 3: Grow your customer list; get more profitable orders; rinse and repeat

Old Way

A handful of loyal customers buys from you. They tell their friends about your restaurant. You do not have a list, just an idea of your most loyal customers.

Old Result

A strategy does not exist to collect, nurture, and grow your customer database. You cannot regularly message customers to drive up your sales. You are leaving thousands of dollars per month on the table. You cannot predict or quantify an increase in profitable orders. You are still just barely getting by and probably paying high commissions to UberEats and Grubhub.

New Way

Use social media tools to find customer audiences similar to yours. Use your most attractive and profitable offer to get visitors to your website and convert them into order-placing customers. Reach out to your customers monthly with news and exclusive offers to keep them coming back. Use marketing automation tools to streamline communications instead of sending one-off emails. Segment your customer base to send personalized greetings on their birthday, anniversary, etc.

New Result

Things start to feel easier because you have a system in place. In a matter of weeks, your list of customers is growing rapidly. You upsell customers when they come back to your website, driving up sales by 20-35%. You message your customer list periodically and drum up new business. You are making more money now and do not need orders from food delivery apps. You save over 35% in commissions and see your bank balance rise at the end of each month. You wish you had started this strategy earlier.

Unique Useful Insights

  • Your restaurant’s success — as defined by profitable orders — is based on the quality and usage of the customer information you are collecting. While ads drive orders, your customer database is the key to long-term, predictable growth. Use it to connect with customers — now and in the future.
  • This information is the underpinning of your marketing strategy and can be put on autopilot, if well thought out. After you gather customer information, you must analyze that data to see where you are most successful and why. A particular offer may resonate with one group of customers more than another. Why?


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Summary of the Three Steps

So as you can see, all you need to do is: 
1. Get visitors to your restaurant’s website.
2. Convert those website visitors into paying customers.
3. Continuously grow and improve your customer list; get more profitable orders; and rinse and repeat.
Follow those three steps, and you can multiply your sales and profits fast.

Your Options

If you are an independent restaurateur who wants to double your sales and multiply your profits, there are three ways to achieve this goal.
Option 1: Start from Scratch
  • Level of Complexity: Very High
  • Level of Cost: Very High
  • Level of Financial Impact: Medium
The first option is to do it yourself, building the different components of a successful restaurant business model from scratch. The problem with this approach is that it is complex and expensive (you could spend almost $250,000), and it requires a large time commitment (at least 12 months). You will likely be figuring things out as you go — which prolongs the entire process and budget.
At a minimum, you will need to build, or hire someone to build, the following:
  1. Online ordering website with coupon features
  2. Customer list and database storage and synchronization
  3. Online offers for social media ads
  4. Email opt-in, drip campaign, and other messaging capabilities
  5. Analytics engine
  6. Customer incentives such as loyalty and rewards
  7. Payment processing
You will also need to hire a digital marketer and software engineer (both usually charge by the hour) to build your offers and advertisements. However, they will not know your brand like you do, and it’s risky to entrust your public-facing restaurant persona to people who are juggling clients.
Option 2: Sign Up for Commission-Free Online Ordering
  • Level of Effort: High
  • Level of Cost: High
  • Level of Financial Impact: Low
The second option is to find an online ordering service that is “commission free.” These services are plentiful, but they do nothing to drive the exposure that your restaurant needs in order to increase sales and profits now. If you go this route, you will still need to build a marketing machine to drive profitable orders (see above for time and cost commitments), so you can predict and measure your growth and profitability long term. 
Many restaurants utilize this option but still have to work with food delivery services, which negatively impact their profitability. Note that some commission-free online ordering services charge a high fee and additional money for one-off marketing emails.
Option 3: Work with MenuDrive
  • Level of Effort: Very Low
  • Level of Cost: Very Low
  • Level of Financial Impact: Very High
Or you can work with MenuDrive and build your automated online ordering system to multiply your sales and your profits quickly. In this case, the following happen:
  • Your online restaurant will go live ASAP (at least 12x faster).
  • MenuDrive is 1/100th the cost vs. the alternatives.
  • Supannee House of Thai increased sales by 100% and grew profits by 798% in six months.
  • Logan’s Bar & Grill grew sales by 20% in less than one month.
  • Your automated ordering system will generate more orders, bigger ticket sizes, and stronger profits.
  • Marketing automation means increased exposure — without excess marketing costs.
  • Set it, forget it, and watch the profitable orders flood in.

Who Is This For?

Again, this is for independent restaurant operators and founders who have not figured out a way to consistently grow their business and get profitable orders. You have a do-it-yourself approach and want to build long-term customer relationships. You are 100% committed to regaining control of your business.

Video testimonial from Paul Visuthikosol

Paul Visuthikosol from Yumm Thai Sushi and Beyond

Paul never felt the need for online ordering. At the beginning of the pandemic, Paul panicked because he knew he was going to have to shut down his restaurant unless he reinvented himself and his restaurant fast. Before MenuDrive, Paul was doing almost 100% dine-in business. After putting MenuDrive in place in record time, Paul’s revenue is up versus 2019 and years prior. 
“The result is great. We have more options for the customer that doesn’t want to leave the house, leave the workplace. The orders are coming in fast.”

Here’s a bit more on why our customers love MenuDrive.

Luke from Prairie Fire Pie (Increased Sales by 400%)
“MenuDrive has been instrumental in assisting us change our business model on the fly, during mandatory shutdowns, from primarily dining in to take out and delivery. The ease of set up and compatibility with POS systems (automatically printing to kitchen, future pick ups / deliveries while closed & POS menu syncing) has made the process very streamlined. We saw our take out & delivery business quadruple with no 30% 3rd party fee.”
Brian from BT’s Smokehouse (Grew Takeout Sales from $0 to $10k+ Per Day)
“The biggest thing has been the relationship I have with MenuDrive, and being able to put my entire menu online and make it seamless for my customers. We tried Grubhub in the past, and there weren’t enough drivers out here and we had more issues with it than it was worth. It’s really hard to have a third-party system out there that’s taking 30% of your profits when you have a 3% net.”
Bret from Al’s Pizza & Subs
“Our customers really enjoy using the system. It’s fast and easy. For us, the MenuDrive platform is very easy to use and doesn’t require much training from our staff…MenuDrive has become such an integral part of our business.”
Walker from Diablo Burger
“Simple, effective, and reasonably priced. Lavu and MenuDrive provide a seamless way of integrating your POS system into an online platform. The intuitive nature of the software allows for easy menu updates and changes.”

Thousand of Customers and Counting…

Here is what is going to happen when you work with MenuDrive: 

  • You will generate website traffic at a rate that you have never seen before.
  • You will turn 20% of those website leads into profitable orders; note that most independent restaurants today are barely getting a 3% conversion.
  • You will not have to worry about making payroll, paying rent, or covering food costs.
  • You will have time for your family and friends again. 
  • Your staff morale will improve, which means employees will be more productive.
  • You will feel empowered, confident, and motivated to grow your business.

How It Works 

Set Up Your Online Restaurant

Post signup, restaurants go through a quick yet deliberate onboarding process that is designed to get you up and running as soon as possible. Your time is money. As part of this process, you can select from hundreds of free designer-made storefront templates, which can then be customized for your unique brand.

Once you’ve customized the look and style of your store, you can easily build your menu with our menu importer. Menu changes are just as easy to make with our quick-edit tools. You can also customize payment methods (card and / or cash), pickup methods (curbside, delivery, pickup, dine-in, drive-thru), and delivery preferences. If you already have your own delivery, you can define boundaries and set different delivery charges. For restaurants that do not have their own delivery and do not wish to implement it, we have partnered with a national delivery service at no charge to you.
When customers visit your online ordering site (through desktop or mobile) and place an order, they will receive an email confirmation of the order. They can also create accounts, giving you access to key customer details that you would not have access to through third-party delivery services. These details allow you to build a one-to-one relationship with each customer through automated messaging and other touchpoints. 
You can access your orders in a variety of ways, including through a POS integration, email, or an order dashboard where you can track your upcoming and historical orders. 
If you have any questions, our team is always available to assist you and ensure that your restaurant is set up for success.

Get Visitors to Your Restaurant Website

The image below illustrates how MenuDrive delivers profitable orders to your restaurant using marketing on autopilot.

First, we will set up a Facebook offer (example: “FirstTimePurchase”) for you. We will use hyper-targeted advertising (e.g, based on zip code, eating preferences, etc.) to ensure that you are reaching the right prospects.
When a patron clicks on the offer, we will capture their contact information, which will get saved in your customer database on MenuDrive. This information includes their name, phone number, email address, and birthday.
When your new customer comes to your website ready to buy your menu items, you can upsell them on other food and drink options as well. This process results in a 20-35% increase in your average check.
The entire experience is lightning fast. You are not only getting an immediate return on your advertising spend, but you are also increasing your brand awareness and getting people to try your food. Once they try it, you can expect them to come back for more — and tell their friends.

Convert Those Website Visitors into Paying Customers

MenuDrive’s email automation turns your patrons into repeat customers, increasing your sales and profitability.
With your growing customer database, you can now send automated emails from MenuDrive after a customer’s first order, bringing them back to your online menu for subsequent orders.  Over time, because you are adding more customers to your database and regularly messaging them with offers and reminders to order from you, the sales you generate will be exponentially higher than your sales from ads.

Continuously Grow and Improve Your Customer List; Get More Profitable Orders; Rinse and Repeat

You are finally tasting success. Your customer list is growing. You are getting profitable orders on a consistent basis. You said good riddance to UberEats. But before you rinse and repeat, you must first analyze your data. Where are your orders coming from? What offers are working the best? Why? MenuDrive’s analytics engine gives you actionable insights and tells you which campaign(s) are your most profitable.

Top customer analysis for a MenuDrive restaurant (YTD 2020)
Item volume analysis for a MenuDrive restaurant (September 2020)


Doubling your sales and multiplying your profits can take you several years and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to figure out.
MenuDrive’s autopilot system gets you there much faster, driving immediate exposure and sales for your independent restaurant while boosting your bottom line.
Here is what you get: 
  1. Unlimited orders on autopilot. This will allow you to target prospective and current customers with offers, grow your customer database exponentially, and automatically message patrons to keep your profitable orders flowing.
  2. Unlimited online ordering. This will allow you to accept and fulfill orders on mobile and desktop for curbside, pickup, delivery, and dine in. Your customers can order via Google, Facebook, or your MenuDrive ordering page.
  3. Unlimited reporting. This will allow you to see what items are being purchased the most, at what times. Detailed reports provide insights on offers, menu items, modifiers, drinks, peak ordering times, use of loyalty points, and return on your investment.
  4. Unlimited delivery. Our national partners provide services to you at no charge, so your food will get in the hands of your patrons on time. Or you can choose to manage your own delivery program with couriers and delivery zones.
  5. Unlimited 24/7 customer support. Our world-class support team is available to address your every question or need. They consistently earn exceptional praise. Some recent quotes from customers are: “10 stars,” “I feel blessed that I got Kurt on the phone last night,” and “I wish to give them a very high rating for support and professionalism.”
Time is of the essence. Instead of wasting years trying to figure out the magic formula to double sales and multiply profits, you have the opportunity to build your business systematically for only $149 a month and a one-time setup fee of $149.
All you need to do is book a call right now.

We only have time to do 50 strategy calls per month, so if you are interested, make sure you act now. You might not get another chance until next month.

Because you are reading this letter, we are going to do something extremely special.
For a limited time, we are going to offer you a white-glove, personalized automation training session — worth $1,000. We will ensure that your menu, offers, and online ordering system are set up for automation and success.
Of course we back everything up with a guarantee. Our 30-day money back guarantee ensures that you are free to change your mind. There are no commitments, no long-term contracts, no early termination fees. You can cancel at any time.
There are no risks to moving forward with MenuDrive.
If you want to get consistent exposure, double your sales, and multiply profits immediately, this program is for you.


Here is a summary of this special offer: 
1. Unlimited orders on autopilot
2. Unlimited online ordering
3. Unlimited item-level reporting 
4. Unlimited delivery
5. Unlimited 24/7 customer support
6. Warning: We can only work with 50 strategy calls per month. If you are interested in getting profitable restaurant orders, book a call now.
7. Guarantee: 30-day money back guarantee
8. Limited-time bonus: White-glove, personalized automation training session worth $1,000. Typically reserved for restaurants with 20+ locations.
If you want to get on our calendar now, book a call with us to get started.
Can I use MenuDrive in any type of restaurant? 
Yes, MenuDrive is optimized for all restaurant types. American, Indian, Chinese, Thai, French — you name it, this strategy will work. It will also work with all serving styles, including quickserve, fine dining, bars, food trucks, etc. 
Can this work with restaurants that have more than one location?
Yes, this strategy will work if you have more than one location. Restaurants ranging from two to 25 locations have used MenuDrive to increase their online ordering profits. If you have a website, we can drive traffic to it and help you get profitable orders.
What if third-party delivery companies still pick up food from my restaurant?
Let them do that, but know that any time an order is placed independently of a third-party delivery company, you are saving 30-40% in fees. Remove any and all mention of those companies from your website, and you will see a difference in your bank account immediately.
Can I use my own credit card processor?
MenuDrive is optimized for use with our proprietary payment solutions. Our payment partners include Stripe, the industry leader for online payments infrastructure.
Who are you anyway?
I am a builder who loves helping small businesses succeed. Please see my bio above.
How is this different from other online ordering platforms?
MenuDrive is a marketing machine that will get you more profitable orders on autopilot. The other services out there do not offer the exposure and revenue-driving features that we have.
Will this work if I am outside of the United States?
MenuDrive is currently available exclusively in the United States and Canada. However, we have big plans to launch around the world very soon!
How do I justify this cost to my boss, spouse, or business partners?
There are numerous reasons why the cost is well worth it considering the return you will see.  Here are three key ones: 
  1. What is the average order size at your restaurant? Let’s assume it’s $25. At $149 per month, MenuDrive only needs to get you six orders ($149 / $25) for you to break even. That is easily achievable and will be done quickly.
  2. Consider your savings without 35% in fees on every order placed. Assume that you do $10,000 in business with UberEats. At 35%, those fees add up to $3,500 per month; $149 is 23 times less than $3,500. Those savings increase your bank balance each month.
  3. As you saw in the quotes from MenuDrive restaurants above, MenuDrive offers can double your sales and multiply your profits. Those profits alone can justify the cost of monthly service.
What are the exact terms of the guarantee?
If in 30 days or less, you do not think MenuDrive is for you, we will refund your first month’s subscription with no penalties. We’re only happy if you are happy!
How does delivery work?
You have two options for delivery: You can manage delivery through your restaurant, or you can use a partner for flat-fee delivery that does not charge your restaurant. If you are managing delivery, you can select which zones you deliver to and even establish different delivery charges and tiers of delivery charges based on subtotals. If you do not have staff in place for delivery, you can choose to have a courier pick up food. The food will be picked up at the restaurant and delivered to the customer’s selected address. The delivery service provider will charge MenuDrive directly for all fees and tips.
How are orders received?
Once a customer’s order is submitted, your restaurant can be notified by email or text message, through Lavu Point of Sale, or through the MenuDrive Order Dashboard, which also shows past and advanced orders. Order receiving methods, like so many other features of MenuDrive, are customizable based on your preference.

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