How Roberto’s Pizza Grows Online Sales 30% Every Year


As any pizza fan knows, not all pizzas are created equal. At Roberto’s Pizza in Middletown, Pennsylvania, a local landmark for the past 44 years, pizzas are made with only the finest, freshest ingredients.

As any pizzeria owner knows, not all online ordering experiences are created equal. Six years ago, Roberto’s owner Dave Kitner made the decision to invest in online ordering and digital marketing. Now Roberto’s averages 30% growth in online sales every year.

If you’re considering adding online ordering at your restaurant, read on to find out what Dave did to see such consistent significant growth.

Investing in the Future

About 16 years ago, wanting a better life for his family, Dave decided to buy a local pizzeria. He had worked his way through high school and college slinging pies in his hometown, so when Roberto’s came on the market, he jumped at the opportunity to buy it.

“I bought it for the potential,” he said. “I took the opportunity knowing I could put the hard work in.” The decision paid off.

He loves interacting with customers and staff, and the relationships he makes every day keep him passionate about his work. He’s also had fun building up the business, noting that when “you see an opportunity for growth, you take it.”

That’s what happened six years ago when Dave first launched his online menu. After researching several options for online ordering, Dave chose MenuDrive for its simplicity and ease of use. “It just seemed like the right fit for me.”

“Since I started using MenuDrive, I’ve seen online ordering continue to rise year after year.” –

Dave Kitner

The decision came out of his desire to evolve. “I knew the industry was going to change, so you have to stay ahead of the curve, from social media to online ordering. People want to be in control of their order, and a lot of people don’t want to talk on the phone anymore. They just want to punch it in and there you go. There’s no room for confusion when you put your online order in,” he said.

Slice of a Growing Pie

Since launching his online menu, Dave has consistently seen around 30% business growth every year, all thanks to online orders. (“That’s a real number — it’s pretty impressive,” he said.) He’s also noticed that customers who order online tend to spend more money than walk-ins or phone orders.

“The tickets are always, on average, higher because people tend to click add-ons and click on more food when they do online orders.”

Dave has seen immediate results when he’s taken advantage of MenuDrive’s marketing tools. He recommends that any restaurant try MenuDrive’s email marketing, especially when business is slow. “You usually see an uptick of about 10-15% business the day the email blast goes out. I usually set it up Thursday or Friday, and those days just go significantly higher in sales,” he said.

Before MenuDrive, Dave invested in Valpak coupons. After trying out MenuDrive’s coupons, he loves that he is able to track the results right in the system.

“The ease of the system is where it’s at,” he said. He advises that other restaurants try digital coupons for specific holidays, like Memorial Day.

Six years in and a global pandemic under his belt, Dave can’t imagine his business without online ordering.

“In this day and age, it’s a must do. You’re going to fall behind the curve if not. … You’re only going to get left behind if you don’t [implement online ordering].”

The Bottom Line

Roberto’s Pizza implemented online ordering through MenuDrive to stay competitive in an increasingly digital world. Using MenuDrive’s smart ordering platform and easy marketing tools, they have consistently grown their revenue by 30% every year.

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