The Importance of Social Media Marketing

The importance of social media marketing in foodservice has sky rocketed, reaching new heights out in the web galaxy. Don Fox places the social media universe on a spectrum; “one end being the forum that it provides for meaningful communication with current and prospective customers, and the other being the use of the social media [...]

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NFL Fans Love Football Seasonal Promotions

Everyone knows this Nation Football League season almost became a led zeppelin. In knowing that, Buffalo Wild Wings started a petition called “Save Our Season” for their Facebook fans. Their key interest in lobbying to end the NFL season lock-out significantly gathered social networking traffic, and gained interest from their audience by targeting what their [...]

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Celebrate Holiday with Your Customers!

  The festive season is fast approaching since October.  Restaurants are gearing up for their most profitable period of the year. Holiday is when people are likely to try out new places, especially for office meals and parties.  With this opportunity coming up, you should put your festive marketing plan into action.  Here are five [...]

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Better Burger Practices: Automated Restaurant Marketing

When you are running your restaurant, you don’t always have the time to devote to creating marketing content every day. Automating your marketing is a quick easy way for you to create content ahead of time, and send it out on a date that you predetermine.   We have a few services we suggest to our [...]

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7 Marketing Tips for Thai Restaurants

It is evident that Thai cuisine has become a crowd favorite. But as a Thai restaurant, it may be difficult to set yourself apart from the many nearby Thai competitors in your city. We’ve done some research, and have gathered some recommendations for marketing your Thai restaurant. Have a combination of in-store and online specials. Promote [...]

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Promoting Your Restaurant on 4th of July

Leaving your restaurant doors open on July 4th is a brave decision, but it doesn’t have to be in vein. Here are eight tips and tricks your restaurant can use to draw your customers away from their barbecues and fireworks, and into your door. Advertise Your Delivery: If you offer delivery and are remaining open [...]

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MenuDrive Inteview: Benefits of Online Ordering

I recently was honored by having an interview with Locassa about the benefits of online ordering for restaurants as part of their Expert Interview program. The interview focused on the necessity for online ordering, and why MenuDrive is more than just a basic online ordering platform. In the interview I was able to tell MenuDrive’s [...]

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What Can Online Ordering Do for your Restaurant

There are many things that online ordering can do for a restaurant. A restaurant needs to be efficient and in the minds of their consumers to stay at a competitive place in the market. There are many things that a restaurant needs to have to stay competitive. Online ordering can help with those items in [...]

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