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NFL Fans Love Football Seasonal Promotions

Everyone knows this Nation Football League season almost became a led zeppelin. In knowing that, Buffalo Wild Wings started a petition called “Save Our Season” for their Facebook fans. Their key interest in lobbying to end the NFL season lock-out significantly gathered social networking traffic, and gained interest from their audience by targeting what their [...]

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Halloween Marketing Tips for Your Restaurants

Halloween marketing ideas are not limited to those who sell candy corn, scary costumes, or spooky decoration.  Any restaurant or company can scare up some extra business during this annual holiday if you are willing to be creative.  Halloween is a fun holiday, and you can use a few simple marketing tips to make it [...]

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Customer Birthday Emails

    Remembering and acknowledging a customer’s birthday is a very simple and efficient method to build brand loyalty and image. Market and analytics provider Fulcrum confirmed the full aspect of that with the results of their recent online survey. The evidence comes from a resend online survey that indicates that 74 percent of customers [...]

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Social Media Tips for Facebook

You may not know it, but Facebook offers you statistics in order to track how your audience responds to your Facebook page. Within just 48 hours of going live, you can click on the “View Insights” link on the right of your page to see exactly how people are engaging with your page. This includes [...]

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Restaurants Use ShortStack for Customization

  Is your company looking for a better way to use online presence in social media? Are you not as tech savvy as you would like to be? ShortStack can help your company increase the presence of your company’s online social media presence easily. ShortStack can help your company make a bigger impact on their [...]

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Going Mobile: Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Apps

  Mobile Optimization The goal of mobile optimization is to work seamlessly across a variety of mobile platforms and browsers. Mobile optimization is bound to help a restaurant gain a more loyal customer base. The majority of people today have smartphones and use their phones frequently throughout the day. Having a website or mobile application [...]

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A Personal Relationship as Easy as Happy Birthday?

How often do you say happy birthday to a friend? Why not say happy birthday to your customers as well? A recent study by Fulcrum, a marketing and analytic provider, showed that nearly seventy-five percent of respondents think more positive about businesses that send out happy birthday emails to their customers. An article, “Birthday Greetings [...]

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SEO For Restaurants

As much as Americans hate to admit the fact, popularity is a fundamental building block to success- especially in the restaurant business. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and countless other online search engines provide consumers with infinite pages after pages of results for any phrase or keyword they search for. When using an online search engine, people [...]

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