NFL Fans Love Football Seasonal Promotions

Everyone knows this Nation Football League season almost became a led zeppelin. In knowing that, Buffalo Wild Wings started a petition called “Save Our Season” for their Facebook fans. Their key interest in lobbying to end the NFL season lock-out significantly gathered social networking traffic, and gained interest from their audience by targeting what their interest are. More than 45,000 people joined the Buffalo Wild Wings petition, and since the beginning of the season they are “honoring” their pledge to give away six wings every game day in September to every fan that signed the petition. Kathy Benning, executive vice president of marketing and brand development describes their sales promotion as a Buffalo Wild Wings passion. Kathy Benning states, “we’re wrapping up another season of fantasy draft parties in our restaurant, and with all the pro and college football rivalries kicking off this week, we’re more thrilled than ever to be the place to watch all the action.”

Not only has Buffalo Wild Wings successfully drew in more traffic, but they have created dedicated fans linked to their passion in sports. The sports fans are familiar with their products and atmosphere on that game day and desire the “den.” Buffalo Wild Wings created an environment that has depicted the feel of a bears den situated in the corner pocket of a stadium, where you get the beers on draft and the food is charred right on the spot.  Along with the environment, the idea of tying in a seasonal tradition with the marketing of your products or services helps create familiarity in the products that your company offers. For example, a consumer takes a plane to California from Maine and has a choice between a Buffalo Wild Wings and a Happy Harry’s. In most circumstances the consumer is going to go choose Buffalo, because they connected with their audience through a socio-cultural medium (sports). With the connection made, Buffalo also tied in social networking websites to keep their market constantly informed and connected to the family of Buffalo Wild Wings. Communication meets at the crossroad of online (social networking) and offline (environment) marketing, and Buffalo Wild Wings has implemented a successful marketing message.


Norman E. @MenuDrive

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