Celebrate Holiday with Your Customers!


The festive season is fast approaching since October.  Restaurants are gearing up for their most profitable period of the year. Holiday is when people are likely to try out new places, especially for office meals and parties.  With this opportunity coming up, you should put your festive marketing plan into action.  Here are five tips on how to make the most out of restaurant marketing in the Holiday season!


Ÿ  Holiday Cards: Send out Holidaye-mail or cards to your customers and local businesses as a warm reminder that your restaurant is the perfect venue for their Holiday dinner party!

Ÿ  Promote Your Holiday Menu and Activities via Social Media: Using social media is an excellent way to showcase your Holiday menu and activities because it is a low-cost tool, and you can still achieve your goal.  Upload some pictures of your menu offerings will attract people to your restaurant.  You may also benefit from your followers sharing your posts!

Ÿ  Attract Holiday Shoppers with a Treat: If your restaurant is nearby a shopping area, you can offer busy shoppers a warm treat.  For example, giving warm soup, a hot beverage, or a small dessert are all great ways of filling your restaurant during quiet hours.  It is also a great opportunity to let people know more about your Holiday menu and activities.

Ÿ  Prepare for Holiday Parties: Many people plan to have parties during Holiday season, especially office parties, so start preparing for some of the questions that enquirers will ask.  For example, how much you intend to charge per head, how many people you can cater for, and most importantly what they will be eating and drinking.  It is also a great idea to attract people to return by rewardingthem with a personal coupon redeemable in January or February!

Ÿ  Offer Gift Cards for Sale: Gift card has become very popular in America, so why not have a gift cards sale set up at the entrance of your restaurant?  Make your gift card look nice in a box with a bow; it will be a unique Holiday gift.  You can also present a special offer with every gift card your customers buy.  For example, with every $50 gift card you buy, you will receive as $20 gift card in return which you can use in January or February. Additionally, gift card is an excellent “last minute” gift that is very easy and convenient to give!



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