Halloween Marketing Tips for Your Restaurants

Halloween marketing ideas are not limited to those who sell candy corn, scary costumes, or spooky decoration.  Any restaurant or company can scare up some extra business during this annual holiday if you are willing to be creative.  Halloween is a fun holiday, and you can use a few simple marketing tips to make it even more fun for your guests!

Ÿ  Offer Tickets with an Order: Buy a limited amount of tickets from your local ghost tour, haunted house or corn maze.  Then, you can offer a special to anyone who makes an order over $50, for example, and they will get a pair of tickets.  Customers will very likely want to spend more in order to get more tickets.  Additionally, you can probably buy the tickets at a bulk-discounted price.

Ÿ  Seasonal Recipes:  The easiest marketing strategy that any restaurant, bakery, or bar can use is having special recipes that is only offered during a limited time.  Some ideas for Halloween recipes include homemade pumpkin soup, apple cider…etc. 

Ÿ  Be Creative:  You can just simply be creative with the dishes’ name or how the dishes are being displayed to attract your customers.  Also, try to use Halloween’s theme color, such as black, orange, or red.  For example, you can simply name your regular red tomato soup “vampire blood.”  It will sound interesting to the customers. 

Ÿ  Have Your Employees Dressed Up: Having your employees dressed up will not only entertain the customers, but also allow employees to enjoy the Halloween mood while working.  Employees’ mood is actually very important because employees tend to provide great services when they are in a good mood.

Ÿ  Sponsor a Pumpkin-Carving Contest: You can consider sponsoring a pumpkin-carving contest, which is open to anyone who wants to participate.  Offer something special to the top three winners of the contest.  For example, offer a $30 restaurant gift card to the first place, offer a free dish to the second place, and offer a free dessert or drink to the third place.

Ÿ  Provide Treats: Providing treats for the kids are a great way to get families to dine during the day and evening.  You can award the best kids’ costume by giving them a special Halloween theme brownie (or any other prize).

Ÿ  Host a Halloween Party: Many adults also enjoy Halloween just as much as kids.  Restaurant parties offer adults a way to enjoy adult fun.  You can organize a cocktail party at the bar and serve Halloween themed cocktails.

Ÿ  Promote You Restaurant: Remember to promote your Halloween special both online and in-store.  You can also change your website to Halloween-themed.

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