Promoting Your Restaurant on 4th of July

Leaving your restaurant doors open on July 4th is a brave decision, but it doesn’t have to be in vein. Here are eight tips and tricks your restaurant can use to draw your customers away from their barbecues and fireworks, and into your door.

  • Advertise Your Delivery: If you offer delivery and are remaining open on our nation’s Independence Day, be sure to advertise this a little more than normal. Your food could be a central dish at a July 4th celebration, and the customer doesn’t even have to leave the party to get it!
  • Offer Limited Time Coupons: Have limited time offer coupons that are only valid during Independence Day weekend. Regardless if the coupons are in-store or online only, it will give customers a reason to make your restaurant a part of their weekend plans.
  • Spice Up Your Mobile App: If you have a mobile app for your restaurant, think about changing up the design to match the July 4th celebration.  You can also use that space as a way to promote your Independence Day specials or hours.
  • FREE-dom Specials: What is a holiday celebrating freedom without some free items/specials? Consider rewarding loyal customers with free drinks, desserts, or apps. Also, consider giving away branded items like hats or t-shirts.
  • Put up Decorations: For customers dining in, you want them to feel like they’re at a July 4th celebration. Get your restaurant staff involved by letting them help with the decorating. Consider changing the dress code for the day, letting staff members show their pride.
  • Send out a Newsletter: You get tons of July 4th newsletters, why not send one out to your customers too!  Let them know they can join you on Saturday to celebrate July 4th and tell them what specials they will get to enjoy.
  • Cater to the Kids: Make sure your holiday specials and promotions include kid friendly options. Colorful July 4th meal specials for kids will be a hit.   Consider having special Independence Day coloring pages to keep hungry kids busy while they wait.
  • Have a Dish to Pass: Offer a few dishes that customers can order to take with them to their next party.  Wings and pizza work great as take away dishes.  You get customers, they get an amazing dish they didn’t have to cook, and everyone wins!
  • Provide Some Live Entertainment: It would be a good idea for your restaurant to consider having a live band to liven up the atmosphere this July 4th. Make sure the style of the band fits the holiday theme. If they can cover classic American favorites, book em’!
  • Promote You Will  Be Open: Most importantly, make sure your restaurant is making it very clear that they will be open for Independence Day. Be sure to promote it across all of your social media channels. Creating July 4th themed flyers is a fun way to get the word out. Be sure to include the specials you will be offering in your promotion.

     As a final tip, make sure you don’t get caught up in the stress of planning and managing the crowd. Be sure you and your staff take the time to remember what the holiday is all about, and make time for yourselves to enjoy it too. Happy 4th of July!

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