MenuDrive Inteview: Benefits of Online Ordering

I recently was honored by having an interview with Locassa about the benefits of online ordering for restaurants as part of their Expert Interview program. The interview focused on the necessity for online ordering, and why MenuDrive is more than just a basic online ordering platform.

In the interview I was able to tell MenuDrive’s story; where we began and why we exist. I was also able to share with Locassa what our services entail and how we have helped our clients succeed in increasing their sales while using our online and mobile ordering platform.

One thing that was made clear in my interview was that aside from helping restaurantsincrease sales, MenuDrive goes beyond just financials by providing ways for our clients to engage with their customers through the features we have integrating into our software. It is this customer engagement that sets us apart from our competitors and will set your restaurant apart from yours.

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