Benefit of POS Integration with MenuDrive Online Ordering

“POS systems are transforming into customer data hubs with information retailers can leverage to personalize customer communications, track inventory in real-time, predict behavior and be where their customers are, whether in the store, online, or on mobile.”- Janna Finch, Researcher at Software Advice

Looking to upgrade your current POS software? Recently, researchers at Software Advice, an online reviews consultancy for restaurant technology, completed a study of 385 retail businesseswith restaurants representing 13% (the second highest segment in the study).  Their focus was on POS systems and the needs/wants of business that have them. It was found that 37% of buyers were looking to replace their POS software because they wanted more robust functionality – and one of them being integrated Ecommerce.  MenuDrive can satisfy this need for restaurants withonline ordering integration to POS systems.

MenuDrive’s online and mobile ordering software is integrated with POS systems to help restaurant owners achieve more efficiency and singularity between their online ordering system and POS software.  Combining POS and online ordering software creates a powerful tool for restaurants, adding numerous benefits to help them better run their businesses.



Customer Experience

Software Advice found that 49% of POS buyers were looking for a software that has cutomer-driven functionality.  Customer Relationship Management software was requested by 39% of business owners.  A POS with CRM can greatly help restaurants understand and market better to their customers by collecting customer history, interests, and demographics.   Another requested feature was an integrated Loyalty Program which was requested by 7% of people.  MenuDrive’s online ordering software has its own integrated Loyalty Program and has helped many restaurants retain and reward loyal customers.  Our experience has shown that restaurants with a set loyalty program overall see higher and more frequent sales as well as more engagement with customers.

Operations Excellence

Having an online ordering system that is integrated with your POS software will greatly reduce the number of mistakes made when manually taking orders.  In general, online orders have a lower number of mistakes, because the order is transmitted directly into the POS software and routed to the kitchen,avoiding the chance of something being missed over the phone or in person.  Having online orders go directly into the POS means that there will be minimal errorsand greater operational efficiency, since the step of having an employee input the order is removed completely.

Reporting and Analytics

Another feature that most POS buyers were looking for (according to Software Advice) was reporting and analytics, which was requested by 60% of buyers.  Robust Reporting features help restaurants track and analyze all aspects of their business through the POS and even a linked cloud Dashboard. Because everything is inputted into the POS machine, restaurants can take advantage of that data to improvetheir business in real time. They can see current inventory, items that sell the best, and even track performance of promotions.

According to Software Advice, “Retailers are clearly aware of the importance of being where their customers are and optimizing their interactions at touch points on multiple channels—and they’re searching for software to help” and MenuDrive couldn’t agree more!  MenuDrive’s online and mobile ordering solutions, paired with a restaurant’s POS software makes for robust and seamless tools for restaurants.


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