How to up your delivery game

Food delivery services or restaurants that offer delivery have numerous benefits for both the business as well as the customers. One of the main advantages for the customer is the variety of food that can be ordered. Different foods and types of foods are now available to be ordered and delivery right to the customer. Another benefit of delivery services is the time that the customer will save by ordering in instead of preparing a meal on their own. Those that have kids, or busy jobs and schedules will benefit a lot from this type of service, not to mention all of the things that can be completed in the time that you save from preparing food.

While there are many people who love what take out, delivery, and curbside pickup have become, there are few with complaints. It has been said that while it is doing good, the online ordering system is lacking in a few places. In 2011, 57% of customers reported ordering food to go, at least once a week. In 2012, the number dropped to 51% of customers ordering food to go. There are many things that can attribute to this drop in numbers. One thing that can attribute to this is the quality of the food a person gets when they order it to go. With the many things there to help bring down the view of ordering food to go, there are many things that can be done to help a restaurant succeed with ordering food to go.

The first thing that a restaurant can do is to ensure the quality of food is the same as when the customer does dine in. One major issue that customers have complained about is the quality, size, and freshness of the food when they order it to go. A restaurant must make sure that the quality is high, the portions are the same, and the freshness is just as good as when a customer goes in for dine in.

The next thing a restaurant can do is to dedicate a line or number to just orders for pick up. This limits that wait time a customer has to go through, and therefore creates a better experience for the customers.

Finally, restaurants could potentially make the ability to pay online with a credit card. Not all customers have cash on them, so limiting to paying through cash only limits the customers that will order from your restaurant.  While those were only a few things that a restaurant can do to ensure happiness from their customers, there are still many more that can help your restaurant.

There is some skepticism about the difference in cost in regards to dining out and ordering delivery. When considering all that goes into dining at a restaurant including, drinks, food, dessert and a tip it may save you some money by ordering delivery. In most cases, people that order out do not get drinks or dessert and although you do have to tip the delivery person, it will not be as large as the tip you are supposed to leave a waiter or waitress.

Although there are many different positives and negatives to using a restaurants delivery service, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages and there is sure to be a spike in delivery customers due to the busy schedules of everyone today.


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