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Common questions about MenuDrive

General Questions

What is MenuDrive? +

MenuDrive is a turnkey online ordering system for restaurants and caterers. It is considered a direct or private-labeled online ordering system (vs. indirect online ordering like local takeout and delivery portals). With MenuDrive, a restaurant can provide its own customized online ordering service and retain its customers' data. It also includes a backend control panel where operators can update their online store and menu information from anywhere, anytime.

How long have you been in business? +

MenuDrive was founded in 2006 and its proprietary web-based ordering technology has been used by restaurants of all sizes - from independent locations to chains. The team is composed of former food service professionals, software engineers, and service reps who make online ordering their focus.

Why do I need MenuDrive? +

92% of Americans now have internet access and takeout accounts for more than 52% of national restaurant sales. It is no question that people these days favor convenience, and they're going online to find it. According to the National Restaurant Association, over 40% of consumers said they would order online if their favorite restaurant offered internet ordering service. MenuDrive is here to help you meet the market demand and give you a powerful online presence to increase your sales.

How much does MenuDrive cost? +

MenuDrive is a monthly service. You simply pay a fixed monthly rate, with no transaction or hidden fees. Our model was designed so that you know exactly how much you're paying each month, unlike other providers who charge a transaction fee. Contact us for more details 877-787-MENU (6368) or

Do I have to sign a contract for service? +

No. There is no long-term contract or commitment, so you can cancel anytime.

Is there a setup fee? +

No if you build your own site. However, if we build it for you, then there is a $199 setup fee for non-pos integrated menus. Discounts may apply for multiple locations. Contact for more details.

Are there any fax fees? +

The first 100 orders that you receive each month through fax are free. Any additional fax orders that month are $0.10 per order.

How do I sign up? +

Simple. You can sign up online or by calling us at 877-787-6368 ext 1.

How does the setup process work? +

You can create an account and start building your online menu by yourself. If you would like us to handle all the technical work, just send us your menu, logos, and item photos. Our team will convert your menu into an interactive online ordering site within 7 business days (it could take less, depending on your menu size). Once complete, we will send you a link to review. Suggest any changes, and we'll make the corrections. Then, we'll activate your website and send you a test order. We'll also work with you or your web designer to add an "Online Ordering" button to your existing website. Learn more about our setup process.

How do I market my online ordering site? +

MenuDrive's online ordering software provides automated marketing tools to help you stay in contact with your customers. We also provide tips and guides on our Knowledge Base that will give you best practices for marketing. Restaurants who follow the tips and do most of the low-cost marketing tactics have success with online ordering. You can always call our team for more marketing suggestions or email them at

Technical Questions

Do I need to get my own web hosting? +

No. All MenuDrive plans include secure, unlimited hosting for your online store. We use the best servers and networks to ensure your online ordering is reliable and fast.

I'm looking to switch. Can I import data from my current provider? +

Yes you can! Import customers into your MenuDrive store from a standard CSV file. Most providers support exporting in this format.

Who do I contact regarding technical support? +

You can reach our free support hotline at 877-787-MENU (ext. 2) or by email at

How does my store receive orders? +

You can receive orders by several methods: Fax, Auto Print, IP Printer, POS, and Email. All four methods include unlimited orders with your plan. If you have internet in your restaurant, we recommend using our Auto Print software. New orders will automatically print out from your desktop or thermal receipt printer with a ring. It's fast and reliable. Learn more about receiving orders.

What if my fax machine is sitting in my back office? +

Simple. A lot of our restaurants move their fax machines near the phone or prep station, where employees are already used to checking. You can set MenuDrive to send you a cellphone text notification (optional) to let you know that you received a new order. Also, automated alerts will send to you if an order was never received at your store. Our team is monitoring your orders around the clock. Rest assured that we've got your orders covered.

Can you integrate with my POS system? +

MenuDrive integrates with select POS systems. Please contact our support team at to learn more.

Can I accept Credit Cards online? +

Yes. MenuDrive can send credit card transactions to most third-party payment processors such as Mercury, First Data, Chase, Bank of America, Heartland Payment Systems and more. This means you can continue to use your existing payment processor and keep all business transactions on one statement. To get started, ask your payment processor rep to setup an E-commerce and account (please note that your processor may charge additional fees to use a gateway).

What methods of online payments can my customers use? +

Most MenuDrive stores accept credit card payments but you can offer more options like Cash and create custom payments like Check, House Account, or Meal Card. You also have the ability to create custom charges (like a bagging fee or special tax) that fit your operations.

How can I prevent fake orders from online? +

Preventing fake orders is one of the great benefits of online ordering. You can set your website to only accept credit card payments online from customers. Thus, you will receive payment before the order reaches your store.

Will I get enough notice to prepare online orders? +

Yes. In your control panel, you can set how much time you need to prepare a Pickup and Delivery order. Customers will have to choose an order time that is greater than the time you need.

Can I set a delivery area? +

Yes. You can set a delivery area around your store in the control panel. MenuDrive will prevent customers who are outside your area to order delivery.

How do I add my online ordering website to my existing website? +

Integrating your online ordering website into your existing website is quick and easy. Most restaurants place a hyperlink button on their websites that will seamlessly direct customers to their online ordering site. You can also include the online ordering site as an iframe into your website (depending upon your website's dimension). Please consult your web designer and our support team to do either one of these methods.

Will you provide any training? +

Yes. After your website is setup, our support team will send you a test order and walk you through the ordering process. You'll also receive a User Guide to the backend Content Manager. If you still have questions, you can always reach our support team at 877-787-MENU (ext. 2) or

Can customers order from my menu on their smartphones? +

Yes. MenuDrive is compatible with the iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, and most major smartphones. Your customers will be able to view your online menu and place an order from their smartphones. Learn more about mobile ordering.

Where are your servers located? +

Our servers are strategically located in Central U.S. in a secure data center with constant backup and redundant data connectivity and power. Our server team provides exceptional hardware, service, and expertise. We guarantee that your online ordering website will have a 99.9% Uptime.

Which languages are supported? +

Currently, English is the only language supported on MenuDrive.

Which currencies are supported? +

Currently, the dollar symbol ($) is the only currency supported on MenuDrive.

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